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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    It was a high lard recipe with Nurture's Smell the Rainbow FO. lard 48% olive oil 31% coconut oil 16% castor oil 5%
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    Oil vs water dispersed TD

    I found this video from I Dream in Soap really helpful for mixing TD:
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    ISO Cigar Band Label Template

    Here's a link to a customizable cigar band template I found online. I hope it might be helpful for you.
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    Baby Goats and my life this week !!

    Those adorable pix brought back happy memories of my own goat mama days. We had a small herd of La Manchas named Acres A-Whey. Thanks for the smiles, and sending wishes for mama goat's speedy recovery!
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    A wish for consistency of UNITS! Is it only me?

    I get it. The only metric I remember is 28 grams to an ounce, but that was never about soap ingredients! LOL!
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    A wish for consistency of UNITS! Is it only me?

    I sorta wish I could get accustomed to metric measures because they really do make more sense in so many ways. But my old brain only thinks and pictures in US measures. If something says 9.3 ounces, I can picture just what that looks like. If it says 45 grams, that sounds like a lotta...
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    Leftover mica question

    Thanks @TheGecko and @Arimara . Sounds like I can save the leftovers to use again. I'll let you know how it goes when I do. Reminds me of cooking: I save all those bits of leftovers and at the end of the week I make soup! When I was a kid, my mom would make spaghetti sauce with surprises...
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    Leftover mica question

    I mixed a little more mica and oil than I needed when I made soap today. It's a bit cakey and dry now, but I'm wondering if I can save it to use another time (maybe adding a bit more oil) or should I just toss it? I know it's sounds like I'm being really cheap, but it's really more about just...
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    Soap Dough Techniques

    I buy RBO at SmartFoodService (used to be called Cash n' Carry) for $11.69 a gallon. That's only 9 cents an ounce :)
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    Homemade Dividers

    @Dawni I don't have a "friendly local hardware store" but I was lucky to find a friendly clerk in my local hardware store who is also a crafter. She was intrigued by my project and totally got into it. If her boss at that not-so-friendly local hardware store had any idea how much time she...
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    Homemade Dividers

    What a grouch 😫 :nonono:😫
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    Homemade Dividers

    "I brought his grumpy but some soap the next time I came in. lol" @violets2217 Did he at least smile and say thank you when you gave him the soap?
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    Homemade Dividers

    Good for you, Andrea, and welcome to the forum. (You might post on the Beginners Forum and introduce yourself to everyone.) I'm a do-it-yourselfer for lots of things myself, including my own hanger swirler. I'm continually amazed at the clever tools other soapers come up with to create...
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    Homemade Dividers

    I was definitely lucky to have such a helpful and interested person working in the store! I rewarded her efforts with soap and chocolate chip cookies 🍪 🍪 🍪
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    Homemade Dividers

    After creating a total mess with some cardboard dividers, I came up with another idea that works pretty well. I went to our local hardware store where they sell and cut sheets of acrylic. I was very lucky to get help from a worker there who was also into crafting. I showed her a drawing of...