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  1. Johnjitsu

    CBD Soap?

    Is it possible to make CBD cold process soap? Not hemp, I'm talking actual CBD. I'm not looking to sell the stuff rather just use it post training and maybe it can help with bumps and bruises from wrestling and MMA. If anyone has done this would you mind sharing a recipe? Did find one online...
  2. Johnjitsu

    Help for a complete newbie

    Thanks everyone, can’t wait to receive all my ingredients so I can get started on some soap making. The tea tree is definitely a nice one I didn’t think of thank you! Stay safe and healthy everyone! :):thumbs:
  3. Johnjitsu

    Help for a complete newbie

    Hello, to start I would like to apologize if this is the wrong section I figured “I’m looking for a beginner recipe” so thought I’d post here. Anyway, as you already guessed I’m new. My interest really came about because of my Jiu jitsu training, it’s a sweaty sport and boy there is some smells...