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    Soy Wax Use in Soap

    I love it. Just make sure its got no extra additives... My fam loves my 20% soy 20% Rice bran 15% coconut 20% RSPO Palm 18%Olive (or HO canola) 7% Castor..
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    Tight skin feeling when using CP soap

    We have hard water so I add sodium citrate to my soap its easier than working out the lye conversions for citric acid. 😊
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    Conditioner bar recipe

    Unfortunatly in my experiance, a conditioner bar has to be specific for your hair type to get best results. Unless your one of the few lucky ones who can use anything and have fab hair..So sharing a recipe that works for me may not work for you. Example. My dry hair bars contain BTMS, cetyl...
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    Conditioner bar recipe

    I thought the same but after alot of trails I have a conditioner bar (curly fuzzy damaged hair) that works.. i just have to rub it on my hands into scalp then rub bar on ends.. trick is formulating for your hair type..
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    Mold Making Tutorials

    I'd check out cosplay or mask making tutorials. They use alot of silicone..😊
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    My other hobby

    You came up on my FB feed yesturday.. love your work...😊
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    The word association game

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    Lotion bar recipes ~ feedback needed

    My concern is grapeseed oil.. while lovely oil for this, it has a very short shelf life.. 3 months
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    Naturally colouring Synd shampoo bars

    Ive heard oxides can smell bad pink clay can affect hair colour.. etc, etc.. Would love to know what you colour your shampo/conditioner bars with as a natural colour. Edited title for clarification.
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    New to instagram

    From a IG course I did.. have a look at soapers you love with heaps of followers and see what Hashtags they use.. go for hashtags that have 50-500K posts. Above that you will just get lost and less not enough people following. Use hashtags that you think your buyers may follow.. ie. If you make...
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    HP with Powdered Milk

    Yes I only do HP I start anywere from 130 to 160 ish.. depending on oils on low in crook pot then let it cook away until its done.. it get hotter as it cooks but thats my adding lye temps
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    HP with Powdered Milk

    Yes as above powder to oils Stick blend then add lye..😊 never had any problems but when I use milk I soap a lil cooler than usual, about 130F works for me.
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    another indictment against palm oil

    I use RSPO palm and if we belive all we read (Im sure some of it is factual) we wouldn't use coconut (for the same reasons as palm) or olive (apparently 80% of world stock is diluted with chesper oils) not to mention all the toxins in some products. This doesn't leave us much to make soap with...
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    Perm Solution Smell Mystery Solved

    Does the smell fade??