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  1. Jess_

    Will this work for sensitive skin?

    Was just going post asking for ideas on soap for sensitive skin, in particular eczema. So I am glad I found this post. Very interested in the use of aloe vera juice instead of distilled water. From my experience, I’ve made a batch and used cocoa butter at 10% and not had any irritation with my...
  2. Jess_

    CP spots

    Just an idea, but have you started using a different batch of coconut oil? My first few loafs of soap appeared to be fine but when I had to buy new coconut oil spots very similar started to appear.
  3. Jess_

    Finally, some success!

    @TheGecko oooh your soap sounds fantastic! Curious though, does the cocoa powder do anything weird in soap or does it act like a mica? & thank you for telling me about that fragrance oil, will definitely check it out :)
  4. Jess_

    Finally, some success!

    Thank you @Marilyn Norgart the confetti soap was definitely the most fun to make and cut :)
  5. Jess_

    Stormy Seas soap revisited!

    Wow, these are beautiful! What do they smell like?
  6. Jess_

    Finally, some success!

    @Obsidian Oh I love that idea! Having the swirling pattern appear over time would be so awesome to watch. Will definitely give it a shot!
  7. Jess_

    Finally, some success!

    So happy I found this forum, you are all so kind! Thank you :) @Obsidian i did read that the rich dark choc FO causes some major discolouration, it was actually why I chose not to add any colourant. Can’t wait to see how it ends up looking!
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    Finally, some success!

    I just wanted to say a huge thank you to those who have helped on my recent posts. I learned so much and was able to put some tips and tricks to use and produce some nice bars of soaps! I was having issues with soda ash, glycerin rivers and stearic spots/patches (which are still there but no...
  9. Jess_

    Confetti Soap - Why do the math like this?

    While I love watching Tree Marie Soapworks, I too found this video overly confusing. I made a batch of confetti soap over the weekend, my first time. And I, as others have said, just threw my grated soap in at medium trace, stirred and poured into the mould, making sure to bang out any air...
  10. Jess_

    Popsicle stick contamination?!?

    @DeeAnna & @KiwiMoose thank you both so very much! I’ll be going into my next batch with a little more confidence now.
  11. Jess_

    Popsicle stick contamination?!?

    @Arimara thank you for your kind words. I don’t mind how it looks either, just hoping it doesn’t cause any skin irritation @Mobjack Bay I like how your soap turned out! Very interesting that that one spot didn’t have the swirling.
  12. Jess_

    Popsicle stick contamination?!?

    @Cellador thank you very much for your reply. I don’t think my purple layer was too thin when I poured, I actually think the pink was more fluid and that turned out ok. And yes I do spritz with alcohol before covering the mould. @DeeAnna thank you so very much for this information! The white...
  13. Jess_

    Popsicle stick contamination?!?

    Hello soaping friends, I took a two week soap making break to regroup after a terrible case of soda ash. Yesterday I made ‘Black Raspberry & Vanilla’ soap. It’s the second time I’ve used the fragrance and it had turned out wonderfully the first time (quite popular too!) I decided to use the same...
  14. Jess_

    Soda ash through soap

    Update: after two weeks there has been no change in appearance to the soap I originally posted about. Will test this week and see if it causes irritation. I haven’t made any soap since that batch until today. I was extra careful to make sure I poured at a thicker trace, but a little over 6 hours...
  15. Jess_

    Would this recipe work? need advice

    I’m still fairly new to soap making myself but I’d recommend starting with much smaller batches. 2.5lb is a huge batch, id at least halve that to begin with. Also in regards to what lard adds that olive oil doesn’t, I think it’s main purpose is for making a harder bar, usually in replacement of...