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    Special Goat milks soap for my GF!

    Also I would wait on using milk till you have basics down .
  2. J

    Special Goat milks soap for my GF!

    Honestly Jeff this is awful complicated recipe for beginner. I would rec make couple simpler batches before trying this. Such as 85 olive oil 10 coconut and 5 castor oil . Numbers are precents of oils. I dont use beeswax at all fyi.
  3. J

    Rebatch turning orange

    Anne Marie has had a baby and while she was out this seems to have happened few people.
  4. J

    Literature on soap making?

    I also have the everything soapmaking I like it due to easy to understand.
  5. J

    Soaping at home with a Septic Tank?

    I have never had any issues with my septic system.
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    SoapMakingForum Decal Contest!

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    Molds for sample sized soaps?

    I like yougert containers also can be reused don't need lining and you can control weight by how thick you slice them.
  8. J

    Curious about adding food to soap

    I am for the most part also of the food is food not for in my soap. My exceptions to that rule are milk ground oatmeal and honey once in a while. I want try beer soap but haven't yet. I just have no interest in putting something in that will by its nature rot.
  9. J

    when do you add superfat?

    I like the lye discount way of looking at it. I HP but just so I dont forget anything I still factor in 5 % discount and all oil goes in together. Good luck .
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    Debating how to proceed...

    Plus i find less 6 months my bar melts much faster in shower. I find this speifically with o.o soap .
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    Castile soaps

    Not sure about smell I never noticed. Basille is the way go about the bubbles I do 85 oo 10 coconut and 5 castor works for me get better bubbles still very mild . I do mean precent on numbers given .
  12. J

    Thanks all for answering questions.

    Hi all so just wanted say thanks for answering my question couple weeks ago. I made batch successful liq soap. its scented lemongrass and lavender and split between kitchen and bathroom happy dance. Happy soaping all.
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    Would customers like bars this large?

    If you are shipping I highly rec the priority flat rate envelope. You can get serious bang for your buck with them and weight doesnt matter. Just a thought .
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    New, have some basic questions.

    I often use yogurt containiers. I also have used silicone ice trays from dollar store.for things like that I cheat and fill with water weight it and that tells me how much soap it will hold for cardboard box well gotta do the math poster above gave you link to sticky. welcome to soaping it's...
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    Question before first liq soap agttempt.

    Thanks all . I'm not new to soaping and hp soaping just to liq soap .