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  1. J

    MP Mold

    Has anyone ever used one of those aluminum loaf pans to put MP soap in?
  2. J

    Does anyone make MP?

    Just wondering because everyone always talks about CP and shows pics of the CP soap.
  3. J

    Bath Bombs

    I just made some and I don't think they turned out. I have them in the oven drying now so we'll see tomorrow.
  4. J

    Bath Bombs

    Well I couldn't find citric acid, only Fruit Fresh. So I'll just have to try that. Also, I didn't get borax because i found a recipe that didn't call for it. Does anyone use a recipe without borax?
  5. J

    Citric Acid

    Does anyone know if I can get this at Walgreens?
  6. J

    Bath Bombs

    do you know if i can get the citric acid at Walgreens?
  7. J

    Bath Bombs

    Is citric acid the same as vitamin c tablets? could i just crush some up and use it? Also, I don't have dome shape molds so what else could I use? Does anyone have a good recipe?
  8. J

    Looking for a whipped body butter recipe

    An emulsified product? So I can't make it creamy and whipped with just the butters?
  9. J

    Looking for a whipped body butter recipe

    I made some body butter but it turned hard and was way too greasy. I used shea butter, cocoa butter and FO. What can I do differently to make it a good whipped cream?
  10. J

    Looking for a good FFB sugar scrub recipie

    what's foaming bath butter?
  11. J

    Ideas for MP soap

    I want to make some festive soap but i don't want it to just be plain old bars. I don't have cookie cutters and i don't want to run out and buy a whole bunch just for soap. Is there anything else I can use to make my MP more distinctive/attractive?
  12. J

    Body Butter

    I need a good recipe for a shea body butter. I just tried making some and added some shea butter, cocoa butter and avocado oil and heated in microwave till soft and then whipped with mixer and added FO. It's too greasy and too soft. I want a light butter that's not greasy. HELP!!
  13. J

    Christmas Gifts

    I just made some with cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado oil and fragrance. Now i'm waiting for it to set up!
  14. J

    Christmas Gifts

    Can i make body butters with shea butter, cocoa butter and other oils? How would I do that?
  15. J

    Christmas Gifts

    Is anyone giving away soap for christmas gifts? I'm going to do up gift baskets for all my family. I wanted to make my own body spray and bath salts too but i don't have the stuff right now. Maybe next time.