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    The word association game

  2. J

    Are you dressing up for Halloween?

    Halloween is my favorite holiday, by far. I don't think I'll ever outgrow the dressing up thing. I still haven't decided what I'm going to go as yet though. For those of you who are dressing up this year, what are you going to be?
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    The question game

    Usually around 8. I don't like sleeping in. It feels like a waste of my day. What do you like most about fall?
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    Party Report

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    The word association game

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    Full time? Or just a part time thing?

    Right now my soaping is mostly in hobby phase. Mostly just making them as gifts and selling them to friends/famile. A friend and I have been talking for nearly a year now about making a full-time business out of it, but still haven't decided to take that plunge. We started making a website and...
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    The word association game

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    The book recommendation thread

    I'm reading the Wind Up Bird Chronicle. I just started a little while ago so I'm not too far into it, but I love it so far and recieved very high recommendations from a friend.
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    A few I'm trying: Sugar plum Ginger fig Spiced tangerine Cranberry spice Pumpkin pie Orange and clove Gingerbread
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    5 Ways to Live Your Dreams

    Thanks!! I've sort of needed a reminder of these lately. I just wrote them down in my journal.
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    Who has them? What do you have and where? What made you decide to get that particular tattoo? Are you glad you got it? Or do you regret it? I ask because I'm getting ready to get my first tattoo and just want to make sure I'm doing something I won't regret in a couple of years. I've thought...
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    My soap is losing it's sent

    After my soap has fully cured, I stick them in tupperware bins with a paper towel soaked in whatever FO/EO i used to fragrance the soap. I've found it helps them keep their scent a little longer.
  13. J

    Homemade Christmas gifts for men?

    Ooh, good thinking
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    Hello ;)