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    My First Addition to the Soap Gallery

    I also love the planet soap...it looks time intensive. You are a natural. Keep posting pictures!
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    Nope Soap

    Definitely not a "nope" soap...It looks cool.
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    Shaving oil?

    I've never heard of it...so I had to look it up. I found this...easy enough and looks like most of the oils are something you already have. I would think you would have to use an FO/EO modifier so that the scent (if used) would be dispersed throughout...
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    Soapmaking benefits

    This evening I was texting with a friend. I missed her baby shower due to a death in my family. I wanted to meet up with her, since I have a nice gift plus a bunch of diapers(I am a couponer). She suggested we meet at her mom's house for lunch....hmmm...I have never met her mom and appreciate...
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    Lush Sultana of Soap

    This is weird because I was on the Lush website a few days back. I searched with the key word "pepper" and this soap came up. I haven't been to the store to smell it, but would it be a citrus-spice scent? Sorry I haven't seen any dupes of the FO....Just thought I'd share some useless info.
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    plastic cups for pouring tarts

    I don't know about that, but I've seen the containers that they sell wax tarts in on Etsy at the Party Supply Store in my town.
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    Black Pepper Eo

    Thanks all for the ideas....I have some Black Himalayan sea salt that I bought last month (because that is what you do at the grocery store...) because I thought it would be an interesting addition to soap. Now I am thinking a salt and pepper bar. A salt bar fragranced w/ a black pepper blend.
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    Black Pepper Eo

    Thanks ISG....I love That!! What do I have there? About an Oz? I don't have any Jasmine...but I am thinking it would be amazing!!!!
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    Are people sensitive here?

    Robert, You have responded to my posts in an intelligent way. I love the fact that you are bringing some science into the forum...I was almost thinking..."hey...I may need a tutor for O. Chem" I should ask Robert ( I attempting to get my Master's in Physician Assistant/Medical Science). to...
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    Hazy Shade of Winter

    Ahhh, seasons change with the scenery Weaving time in a tapestry Won't you stop and remember me At any convenient time Funny how my memory slips while looking over manuscripts Of unpublished rhyme Drinking my vodka and lime Ilook around, leaves are brown now And the sky is a hazy shade...
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    Tried to duplicate a mistake... No name.

    IDk...I think it is a spa color...something with "waters"...something with "misty"....HOw about..."coral waters"...I know...that is lame.
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    Black Pepper Eo

    For some reason I thought this was a good idea. I have it sitting on my side table..I keep smelling it..I keep asking my husband...What do I do with it...lemon pepper? clove eo?
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    This Bothers Me

    Oh forgot to say..."HELL YEAH!"...that's why I quoted it in the first place...you go girl!!!
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    This Bothers Me

    I concur...this is not a video from a "soapmaker" this is a video from a "homesteader". That being said, she has a good product for her family to wash with. One of the above posters stated that he/she didn't see what was wrong with it...neither did I. But then again, I am a "newbie"...as most...
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    I think we can do this

    I see this on my Facebook thread constantly...I think we can do this....Anyone? I am thinking CP cupcakes, then...then MP for the arch and heel...