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  1. J

    Soap for teeth

    Gorgeous soaps!
  2. J

    Dish washing liquid soap

    Fascinating! Thank you for sharing!
  3. J

    Soap for teeth

    Interesting. Baking soda feels more abrasive than regular toothpaste to me. Maybe the concentration makes a difference. Thanks for the link.
  4. J

    Soap for teeth

    Very interesting! I am off to read these links. Thanks :)
  5. J

    Shampoo bar

    I have used soap nuts to wash clothes but not hair. I was advised that soap nuts can be drying for my hair type so I never tried them. My hair is already extremely dry. My scalp barely produces oil. But there are many people who swear by them. I am not sure how you would incorporate them into...
  6. J

    Dish washing liquid soap

    I cannot tolerate 100% CO dish soap any time of the year. Then again, my hands can't tolerate commercial dish washing liquid either. Also be prepared that liquid soap does not produce suds like commercial dish liquid. However, I do find that liquid soap cleans better than dish washing liquid...
  7. J

    Soap for teeth

    Thanks OP for raising the topic. Very interesting. Thanks for the links Dee. I read through them and I plan to make some dental soap as soon as I return from vacation. I can't wait. I have an unscented bar of castille at home that I will use in the meantime to satisfy my curiosity. Irish...
  8. J

    So what are YOUR soapy secrets?

    I dress up in a coverall with a face shield. I look like I am getting ready to weld a bridge. I also put a hair bonnet on my head to prevent hair from getting into my soap. This touch makes me look like the lady on the honey bunches of oats commercial. I realize that the coveralls are...
  9. J

    Soaping videos on YouTube

    You have hit the nail on the head. If a person cares more about their internet fame than the topic of the video, I cannot bare to watch it. Those instances are the ones that I cannot tolerate. Also equally as unwatchable are the well meaning people who think that the YouTube audience is their...
  10. J

    The word association game

    Good -- boy
  11. J

    Not happy with my supplier

    I plan to never pay the priority processing charge. Their shipping is usually fast unless there is a sale. Once I have loaded up on sale items, I am even less inclined to pay extra money for processing.
  12. J

    Shampoo Bar - Thanks Lindy!!

    I am so glad that you posted this. Would you mind sharing more details? Do you use a vinegar rinse? Do you have hard water or soft water? How long is your hair? Is your hair course, fine, or normal? Do you follow with a conditioner? How often do you shampoo? My shampoo bars just finished...
  13. J

    Soap surface getting white and looks very dry

    Hey there! No, ash does not form later. I'm not Susie but I use the method that Susie described. I run warm water over the top of the loaf before cutting it. I do this whether ash is visible at the time or not. The top of the loaf remains clear of ash. If I forget to wash the top, ash forms...
  14. J

    Iowa Nice.

    So Dee Anna- how did it go? Were you able to keep it short and sweet? Did they buy $100 worth of jingle bells?
  15. J

    In need of prayer

    I can't imagine what you must be going though. I am praying for your brother.