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    MP and Salt Bar Question

    Thank you Seawolfe!! I hope mother-to-be will be happy. :)
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    MP and Salt Bar Question

    They worked! I appreciate those that responded!
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    Are my soap-making endeavors cursed?

    It just practice. You will get it. If you have a passion for it then you will get better. You need to really understand the science of soaping...read...read... and read...also watch a million videos. I am obsessed with everything soap/bath/beauty but it took a couple years to become good at it...
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    MP and Salt Bar Question

    Thanks so much for your answers and thoughts! It looks like it worked. I did as you suggested Cmzaha and let it firm up and Seawolfe I used cavity molds. Now I just have to figure out how to get them out. I will post pics tomorrow.
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    MP and Salt Bar Question

    Hi everyone. I am making baby favors that are sea creature theme. I have made some cp soap to resemble ocean water and then I put whales and dolphins that are mp on top. Pics included... My question is can I make salt bars with same technique? I would make them with salt in silicone cavities...
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    Valentine's Gifts

    They were a hit and thank you!!
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    Valentine's Gifts

    I made them for my coworkers. Thank you everyone.
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    Valentine's Gifts

    Got the cutest heart molds for valentines gifts for friends. I also made a loaf of soap. I got to try my new soap cutter, and it worked great! Finally perfect shape soap all the same size! Thanks to those who told me where to get black vanilla raspberry FO. Perfect fragrance for valentines!
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    Cleaning up on the go...messy equipment

    Aww... sorry for your frustration! It happens in soaping. I have had so many messy soaping experiences, but its normally at my most creative moments and everything turns out beautifully, even when I am sure it did not. This is often discovered after I cut the soap. I would probably have a...
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    Chocolate Strawberry Drizzle Soap Cake

    Wow...so beautiful!!! Soap pics always make me feel hungry! :crazy:
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    Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance Oil

    I truly appreciate all your responses!!! I think I am going to try Peaks BRV and thank you for that coupon code Shunt!!!
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    Soap Queens Calendula Cleansing bar Recipe

    Thank you for all the tips!!! :clap:
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Made my version of soap queens calendula bar. The lemongrass EO is heavenly! Also some soaps I did earlier last week.
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    Soap Queens Calendula Cleansing bar Recipe

    Lol... I purchased her book, not for recipes, but for techniques and ideas. Plus I love books and have collection of soap books. I like to soap with my own formulas as I am very particular about what I put on my skin. However, this was one recipe that I was considering because I never made a...