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    Biggest soap disaster recovery

    @Obsidian I don't want to assume, this was a HP soap?
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    @ResolvableOwl the soap has been put to cure inside the house. My son has become protective of it, seeing as how he loves the way it leaves his skin. As for the wildlife, the corn fields just beyond our property is now beginning to ripen. There's much more delicious fare out than in!
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    The word association game

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    No, really! 🐁🐀 The mention of the cultured rats on someone else's post caught my attention! And reminded me of the nibbled bar. Here at my younger son's house there's not much space for curing my soap, so I decided to put it in the garage on a wooden chest that no one likes. There's nothing...
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    SoapMaking Friend Recipe Calculator INCORRECT Regarding Adapting Recipe Size to Cylinder Dimensions

    My grief with soaping in general is that my mental acuity isn't sharp enough for me to rely on it for accurate mathematical calculations. Right now I know I'm on the edge of a migraine simply because I'm not using simple English to write this post. Too often lately, if I try to make even the...
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    Cocoa Butter Mistake

    I first brought up my Chrome page, saved from when I got the SAP values day before yesterday for CB. The text field was blank, but the SAP value was the same as before. I recycled the page by tapping the circle with the arrow turning counterclockwise, and I picked "Beeswax". That gave me the...
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    Cocoa Butter Mistake

    I was reading this post (ok, I was sticking my soapy nose in! 🧼) and decided to go see if I got the same SAP results for CB as OP, and yep. See the screenshot below. I'm not using an app, just my smartphone browser, Chrome, updated in the background constantly. I opened a new tab, navigated to...
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    Huge soleseif error I don't know how I can fix.

    😂 The linemen these bars are intended for are "manly men", they don't care about looks! *snort, guffaw* Seriously though, my pride did win out a bit so the veg peeler came out and I did try to smooth some of the rougher edges out. As for that yellow rind, I've never had it before, even with a...
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    Huge soleseif error I don't know how I can fix.

    @Tara_H and @ResolvableOwl, yes, both of you understood my scrambled explanation that I somehow increased my CO by 10%, and lowered my OO by the same amount. I was hoping to get a fairly mild soap for a hard water area with a target audience (my son, his 2 friends) that work in the dirt and mud...
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    Huge soleseif error I don't know how I can fix.

    Earlier this week, I created a modified version of a recipe I've already made before. A lard/OO/CO76/Castor (%: 50/30/15/5). I include a photo of my printed recipe with notes, because it illustrates the glaring mistake I made that I didn't see until just now. My oil percentages (amounts) are ALL...
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    How do I get my soap to harden in the mold

    Something that isn't related to the softness or hardness of your soap, but that I picked up on in your comment, that you had to re-run your recipe through your lye calculator. I don't know if you didn't keep a hard (paper) copy of it, or didn't save it to a note app, or just the lye/soap...
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    Should Beginners Try Their Own Recipes?

    I tend to be a risk taker when it comes to trying new hobbies, but soaping was the first time I felt the need to be cautious. Not least because of the lye. I watched a few videos on YouTube, especially Soaping101's channel, and though she is phenomenal as a teacher, she also emphasizes safety...
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    Carbonated Soap?

    At my son's friend's house, in San Antonio, I was using his Kitchen Aid SB, and I got used to the froth in my soaps. I just learned to tap dance my molds across the counters before I set them to harden. Now I'm in Juneau, WI and I've bought a Hamilton Beach, just like the one I left back home...
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    Anyone have a good slow-moving CP soap recipe?

    If you think about it, the coconut oil is there to contribute suds and lather to your soap, not necessarily to help prevent loss of skin lipids. In fact, the more coconut oil is used in a soap, the higher the cleansing factor. So, if you want to lower your SF, also lower your CO to however less...
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    One oil for the rest of your life...

    Depending on how the lard was rendered, and how discerning your nose is, or whoever is going to use your soaps, there's a good chance it's not going to smell like bacon. Firstly because bacon is a particular meat product, think Italian sausage, versus breakfast sausage. You wouldn't confuse the...