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    Thanks so much for the input.
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    A question for those that use a silicone mold that nestles down inside a wooden box with lid. I've been having this weird spotting issue. Only on the outside of my soap top, bottom, sides. I thought it was heat(i always gel) and so I stopped insulating completely. The spots weren't quite as...
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    A Trio of Shaving Soap

    There's really not much to lubricate with as most oils will saponify. It's really just a matter of seasoning your pvc and patience. Freeze it for several hours and as it's thawing it will sweat. That is the right time to begin trying to get it to pop out-it still takes a bit of force.
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    Fir Needle

    Thanks all for the kind comments. I like a simple bar and this one is simple in appearance, but it smells very nice. ;-))
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    A Trio of Shaving Soap

    "What defines a shaving soap?" I would say that for me it equals a bit of slip added with clay. I use white Kaolin, others use a bit of Bentonite. Also, perhaps a bit more generous lather. "I wish I could get my round soaps to unmold this nicely." You can I just use PVC. After made...
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    Fir Needle

    I highly recommend it-it's fabulous! One of my very favorites, and perfect for the holidays. I've also blended it with Peppermint, but find I like it by itself even better.
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    A Trio of Shaving Soap

    (from nearest to farthest)Lavender, Clove and Olive Oil and Goat's Milk
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    Fir Needle

    Fir Needle - Bring the clean, fresh aroma of a coniferous forest to your morning shower. I just adore the smell of this soap-colored with wheat grass this soap is as natural as the great outdoors.
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    New! Fall Inspired Soap

    Cinnamon Cajeta - a rich caramelly goat's milk base with a decadent speckling of vanilla bean aromatically complimented with hint of cinnamon. Perfectly delicious!
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    A New Look for Fresh Lemon

    A new look for Fresh Lemon-still simple and clean but with a little movement-same great Fresh Lemon. Yum!
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    A couple of soaps

    Olive Oil and Goat's Milk A few rounds
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    Thanks so much for all the kind words. I didn't know this, but if you upload photos in Photobucket(so that you can load them onto here) Photobucket has templates to make collages - who knew? "Dontcha just love photoshop for making things look just right?" Yes, photoshop is nice for...
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    From left to right: Refresh Mint, Fresh Air, Wallflower, Olive Oil & Goat's Milk
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    Some from the past month of so...

    Wow! Is that a funnel swirl I see? Very Nice.
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    5th batch failure :(

    Yes it is important to know if your td is water dispersible or oil dispersible or both - and then to blend appropriately. With td that is oil dispersible you can put it into your base oils if you want all your colors to have a pastel sort of tint to them (or if you are making just white.) It...