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    M&P embeds in CP soap

    my plan is to put them inside the soap too. I'm wondering if that makes a difference?
  2. hyperhounds

    M&P embeds in CP soap

    If I wanted to add M&P embeds into a CP soap do I have to avoid gel phase? I'm wondering if the embeds would melt if I gelled my soap. Anyone have any experience with this?
  3. hyperhounds

    distilled vs demineralized water

    thank you for your replies. I will go ahead and use it in my soap making.
  4. hyperhounds

    fragrance oil question

    Do fragrance oils containing vanilla only turn soap brown or will it turn sugar scrubs brown too? I have a black raspberry vanilla FO that I want to use in a scrub with some pink mica, but I don't want to end up with a brown scrub. The website says it will turn soap tan, but mentions nothing...
  5. hyperhounds

    distilled vs demineralized water

    it doesn't say anything about minerals being added back in. It also has Ozonized on the label. Not sure if that is a good thing or bad for soaping.
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    Dog Shampoo bar: CP vs M&P

    I would like to make a dog shampoo bar for my four dogs. I have read a lot of posts on the subject and it seems it can be done with both CP and M&P soaps. Is there an advantage over using one method or the other? I was thinking that M&P probably has a longer shelf life than CP. The dogs...
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    distilled vs demineralized water

    I know it's best to use distilled water when making soap. However, I often have trouble finding it. But I seem to be able to find demineralized water much easier. Will this work just as well as distilled water?
  8. hyperhounds

    DOS question

    essential oil is from Voyageur in BC. I'm thinking the DOS must be from something else. But I just can't figure out what. So frustrating. I followed all the must do's to avoid DOS and I still ended up with some.
  9. hyperhounds

    DOS question

    thank you for the tip. Was is EDTA? Is it possible my essential oil was expired? i really like the small of Anise and would love to make more. But I don't want to risk ruining more batches. Would a new bottle be just as likely to cause DOS? Is Anise known to cause problems?
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    DOS question

    I made a bunch of soap back in the fall. Around October - November. I was checking on some of them and noticed the DOS on my Anise bars. All the other soaps seem to be fine. Is it possible the Anise essential oil caused the spots? I used distilled water, and a very basic recipe with palm...
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    lab colours in melt and pour

    I have recently started making some melt and pour soap and made a few batches of clear soap coloured with lab colours. I was just adding a few drops of the concentrated lab colour into the melted clear soap. Everything seemed fine until I left a pink soap out in the sunlight on a table. I...
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    sugar vs salt

    ok I must have read it wrong somewhere. Can you add both sugar and salt?
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    sugar vs salt

    I have seen several recommendations for adding sugar or salt to the soap batter at trace. I'm wondering what the difference would be between salt and sugar? do they both create more bubbles or do they each do something different? Also I have seen recommendations for 1 tsp or 1tbs PPO. Which...
  14. hyperhounds

    MP imbeds in CP soap

    ok good to know. It gets really hot and humid here in the summer so I might have to wrap just in case.
  15. hyperhounds

    scent fading

    Is there scent fading in MP soap? Is EO or FO preferred in MP soap?