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    Am I nuts or is this nuts?

    This is one of the best movie quotes ever!
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    The Little Efficacious Gentleman

    How is he old enough to be walking already? Gah! He is beautiful!
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    Weird Ways People Wash

    I recently decided to follow the curly girl method, which involves not using any shampoo and only water soluble product. Essentially you wash with conditioner, using friction instead of sulfates to clean. I have found that my hair is most definitely curlier than I thought. But is still shower...
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    Soaper's Choice Coconut Oil

    I'm about half way through a 50 pound bucket purchased in November also. What problems are you having?
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    Mixing Micas-With what, and how?

    Eh, I just eyeball it. I add the mica premixed with water and hand whisk until the color is right. Since they are soap stable, it is pretty much "what you see is what you get".
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    SMF January 2017 Challenge: Gradient Layer

    I just poured 2 loaves of this today for a customer! I used pink and a bit of TD to brighten up the top layer to prevent it from looking sickly. Does that comply? If not no worries.
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    Mixing Micas-With what, and how?

    I am lazy... I have all of my inorganic colorants premixed with water in squeeze bottles. The colors I use frequently are in big ones for condiments and less frequently used are in travel sized bottles for shampoo and conditioner. IrishLass is right that the mica settles out, but I put a few...
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    2017 Goals: what are yours?

    This year I want to finally stay ahead on inventory. We have grown so quickly that it is nearly impossible to not run out occasionally! It is an awful position to be in. I am also trying to go plan free, so I need time to finalize a new vegetarian recipe.
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    Any feedback about this CO?

    I believe any potential peanut proteins that could have contaminated the product would survive saponification.
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    Bad Weather

    It is 21°f right now which is 40°warmer than Sunday morning.
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    Bad Weather

    I don't think we made it above zero today.
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    Another master-batching question

    I am lazy and the snow is free!
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    Another master-batching question

    I frequently make a 50:50 solution in a 5 gallon bucket that my coconut oil came in. In the winter I set in a snow drift to cool. The other day it melted through 8" of snow down to the ground!
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    Doing Good in 2017

    We just donated 100 pounds of soap to the local food bank. Some are end trimmings, some are undersized soaps that I don't sell, some were scents that no longer sold well, some were specifically made for donating.
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Wahoo! Most of the accounting is done for this year. Just one set of data to fix and then it is on to finishing a physical inventory of bulk oils and other supplies. I managed to get the essential oils done last weekend. My accountant will be much happier this year!