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    Post your Gripe

    This annoys me greatly as well, but some systems have that tip prompt built into programming and it can't be turned off. Hope
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    Soda ash and fragrance

    Ditto. I made lavender 40/42 EO using the exact same formula / technique as a whole lot of other FO (using up samples) and they ashed super bad. Everything else was perfect. Ugh!!!! Hope
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    Calling me Hun

    You do realize that people move and take their "southern' with them? Also, there are a lot of southern speech pockets in northern states. Hope
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    Calling me Hun

    And double that for yonder and far yonder. Measurements I picked up from my granddaddy. ❤️ Hope I've never understood being upset that someone called you sir or ma'am. It's a sign of respect. I was raised southern military so those automatically come out of my mouth. I do wish people...
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    Xylitol (rather than Sorbitol) in soapmaking (for bubbles) - NOT tooth soapmaking

    I'm not aware of scientific proof but I see a definite difference vs other bubble boosters. I do high lard ans minimal coconut so my soaps need bubble help. It's worth it and not expensive. Hope
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    Lard soap help

    I have no problem with 15% coconut oil with 0% SF when it's a high lard or olive oil soap. I've used other maker soaps with that much coconut oil and and presumably a moderate SF and felt dry. I can't do 100% coconut oil, even with a 35% SF. So it depends on the overall formulation for me. Hope
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    Adding Coconut Milk to Cold Process Soaps

    Why not? My soaps work great at 2-3% - they clean without stripping my skin. Soap scum dropped to nearly nothing without having to add a chelator, it's more bubbly without having to add as much bubble booster, and it actually seems to cure a bit faster too. Win-win-win. Hope Add a third...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    This photo makes my heart sing. My grandma lived on St Simons Island, GA for year and it's one of my favorite places. Where is this? Hope
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    Changing Superfat % does not change soap bar quality values in SoapCalc?

    I suggest spending time reading the forum, and also searching for specific ingredients like rice bran oil or lard. Often those threads will have some formulas. I like to study what other people have done to flesh out my understanding of formulation. Also, Zaney has posted a Trinity of Oils...
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    What Bath & Body Thing Have You Done Today?

    I highly recommend Swift Cradty Monkeys blog and/or ebooks. Hope
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    WOW! What Do You Think Of This Mold?

    Can you IM me details? Hope
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    CP gelled in ~ 4 to 6 minutes

    Christmas tree scents often have cinnamon or clove in them, which are known accelerants. That is not a brand I'd use. Best to stick with reputable companies that have testing notes and consumer reviews so you know what to expect. Since it's 100% lard I know the soap will still be marvelous...
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    Melt and pour soap mixing oils

    What supplier did you purchase from? Hope
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    Recent Batches

    Oh good, ZNSC caught another one. Love that recipe! Welcome and I look forward to your soaping stories. (And the swirly blue soap!) Hope
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    First lotion attempt

    Nope. There are many preservatives and each has specific formulating requirements. Some only play well with certain emulsifiers, some don't. Some are heat and/or pH sensitive. Some are better for oil in water, or anhydrous, or water only. Some need a booster preservative. Since you want to...