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    Recommendations for smart phone case

    These are the only cases I buy anymore. I get the tough cases and, unlike an otterbox imo, doesn't add much bulk. The one I had for over a year still only had minimal signs of wear despite my 4 and 2 year old girls. No cracks or chips, just little scratches from hitting the ground and dulled...
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    SQUEE!!!! New soaping space!!!

    Lol no its olive oil from Soapers Choice
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    Prefer rebatching? Seeking new ideas

    I'm just curious, why do you cure you're base soap before rebatching it? It will need a cure after as well for the extra liquid to evaporate, so what is the purpose of the first cure?
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    Soap related humor & MEMES with soap on their mind

    Lol I can imagine it wasn't as it was happening but it's a heck of a story lol. I've been afraid that the sheriff is going to randomly show up at my house while I'm making things in my soaps shed here recently. If all my neighbors didn't know me and what I was doing they probably would because I...
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    soap warming up after its been cut.

    How long were you leaving them in the freezer? Even here in hot and humid Mississippi, I can pull my soaps out after 10-12 hours (overnight usually) and let them thaw on the counter and they don't heat back up.
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    Body Butter Preservatives

    Are they actually going rancid or are they growing funky things? If they're truly going rancid, I agree with the above posters about adding ROE to your oils. If they're growing nasties then you need a true preservative like Phenonip
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    Browsing soap pics

    Have you tried Nurture's really red?
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    Bath bomb disaster

    I would try binding it with a butter like shea or cocoa instead of witch hazel. Its may help hold it together better.
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    M&P Packaging - what are you doing to be unique?

    I don't do much MP, but what I do I shrink wrap. I can't get it to look quite as tight and neat as I can on my CP, but I much prefer that look to cling wrap
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    Bath bomb disaster

    You might want to check the remolded bath bombs by dropping one in water. If they puffed up, it means that the baking soda and citric acid were reacting. You're remolded ones may not be bath bombs anymore
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    I'm about to give up...

    Very nice!
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    SQUEE!!!! New soaping space!!!

    It's actually a deep freeze my dad gave me that wasn't freezing anymore but I love it :D
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    SQUEE!!!! New soaping space!!!

    Thanks everyone! Once I get it insulated I don't think I'll ever come back out lol
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    Soap related humor & MEMES with soap on their mind

    Also, after a day spent soaping
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    Soap related humor & MEMES with soap on their mind

    Me waiting on my ungelled soaps to be ready to unmold