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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Daydreaming about "Soap Gardening" My old Ipad limits my experience here, so I haven't yet figured out how to start a new thread. Today, I'm dreaming of Spring (that happens with the time change) and wondering what I should be putting in my "Soapy Garden". I like natural ingredients for...
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    Cant find Freezer Paper in UK. Looking for alternative Lining solutions.

    Freezer paper alternative These plastic placements are close to what I use. (I got mine used from The Sally Ann). I made a paper pattern to fit inside my mold, (to make sure it fit properly) then duplicated it in the hard plastic of the placemats. They work well for me, don't require any...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Dental Soap? What is Dental Soap? (sorry for the dumb question)
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    Christmas 2015

    If you have Soap Goggles, try putting them on before you cut your onions. My daughter was 5 when she discovered this helpful tip. She was into Science (dressed in a lab coat, gloves) and had her googles on while I was cutting onions. Standing next to me, she was completely unaffected by the...
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    Rebatching for over-fragrancing?

    Snot I think the snot mentioned is from people adding extra ingredients (when making the liquid from bar soap). I've made liquid soap from commerical bar soaps (all be it years ago), and I only once experienced the snot. When I stuck to soap and water I produced no snot. I use the same method...
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    Rebatching for over-fragrancing?

    Rebatching-fragrance heavy I should have mentioned, if you use the "Cheap Geek" method to make liquid soap, you will need to adjust the water depending on the soap you use. Make it as is and see how it turns out, and adjust according to taste. As for the oiliness, sorry I can't help. I've...
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    Hi all

    You will find lots of like minded knowledgeable people here. Happy soaping You can also find lots of friendly groups on Facebook. There is a group for everything imaginable, they have special groups for soap business, all things natural and several just for Melt & Pour, just to name a few...
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    Rebatching for over-fragrancing?

    Re-batching for over-fragrancing and other suggestions First allow me to apologize, because I haven't read your other threads. However, (here is my Canadian $.02 worth, at the moment that's not worth much) if you are in a hurry to create gifts. As someone else suggested, Melt & Pour would...
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    Soap 2 Go

    I'm hoping this may help anyone wanting a simple way to carry (for yourself, cause you can't use this and sell) the soap paste, without spending $$. Since we are talking about packaging, this is something else I've wanted to share for awhile...
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    Well tomorrow is the day

    I know it's been awhile since you posted, but I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you.
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    Question about alternative liners for soap molds

    Here's the solution I found Here is a link to the plastic placemats that I use. Although I got mine for $1.99 at a Thrift Store! They work great for me! Hope this helps,
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    Well tomorrow is the day

    Furry Babies Our Furry Babies mean so much, as others have said I understand. Our dear little Snoodle was given her ticket to Heaven only last Monday. At 15 years old, she was lucky to have made it that far! She had a date with the needle at 8 with a compression fracture in her back. The...
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    Feathered ITP swirl

    Swirly Practice Question Is there a way to practice the Swirls without wasting soap on the flops? I want to practice to avoid the ugly soap. So far all my soaps have been: color free and scent free. Practical for my friend with all the allergies, but it's getting boring! Slightly off topic...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Lining my new Soap Molds I'm on the hunt for a permanent/semi permanent lining for my new molds. The white liner (for the bottom of the slab mold) was a plastic placemat. It works but it's also brittle which means it won't last. I'm looking for either the silicone you paint on the back of a...
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    Best Printer for Labels

    Which Printer? My husband is a Nerd (not here at the moment) He would tell you to go to Staples. Take their advice and go home to try your new purchase. The best part about Staples is: you can try something and take it back ( I think it's within 30 days) if it doesn't work out for you! (That's...