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    Natural Colorants That Last?

    Yeah, the iphone 5 was one of the first phones that had sensors to detect what type of ambient light is in the room, and multiple flashes that cover different portions of the light spectrum to compensate for the whatever the ambient light is doing to the actual colours in the room. So the...
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    Help for HP pot size

    Yeah my dad has a high end probe thermometer; so when I bought my cheep infared one for soapy stuff it was tested for accuracy.... And then began the round of trouble shooting to figure out why the two were giving off different temps for the pot of oils🤪😆
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    using dyer's chamomile to color soap

    Most plants turn soap brown. So if you experiment, use snall batches and expect failure🤪 Here's a thread that has a graph some exceptions:
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    Help for HP pot size

    You can either use a double boiler (but these pots are usually smaller like 3qts) or a larger pot that has a very thick bottom to diffuse the heat evenly (like a lobster pot). Lids with vent holes can be probematic. (Over cooked soap or batter that's so dehydrated it's hard to spot the...
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    Hi there!

    Welcome to the forum! (You're so close to Windy Point!!! I have soaping envy. No supply shops nearby!)
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    Soap Frosting I knew I had read a thread about this. In #8 Gecko provides all the steps. (IPA=isopropyl alcohol)
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    Salt, bar properties, color, embed questions This page goes into how the different fatty acids affect both the soap and the properties that soap calculators give. Those stats are based solely on the fatty acids in the soap and do not include the affect that additives like sugar or salt...
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    Superfatting repurposed soap?

    Could it be shredded and added to a new soap batch to make confetti soap? Or maybe repurposed as a laundry soap?
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    Goat milk questions

    Check out this thread: it answers your questions and has some great advice on how to use milk in soap.
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    Show us your work space!

    Lol. Now we need to go through the alphabet and try to find a colour for every letter, and tell Zany that we've decided to rearrange the alphabet according to the light spectrum 😜
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    Soap lover

    Hi! I can relate: Google lead me here too!
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    Hi everyone :)

    Hi! Welcome to the forum 😄
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    Basil EO

    **warning** the scent of basil on it's own can cause intense pizza cravings. Please blend responsibility 😉
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    Help developing new recipe

    If you are adding sugar for bubbles you can disolve it into hot water and add it at anytime. A tsp PPO (per pound of oil, or for 500g) is a good amount for that purpose. If you want sugar for scrubbies I would use between 1 tsp and 1tbsp PPO. Start with the lower amount in small batches and add...
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    Hi everyone, I’m Shoni

    Hi! What was it that got you into soaping?