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    My 1st successful swirl

    Looks great!
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    My First Batch

    I agree - looks like a candy bar! Yummy!
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    Peppermint Swirl!!

    Nice colors and swirls!
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    More soaps...

    All your soaps are beautiful!
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    Lavender Lemongrass-? about my lavender coloring

    Love the lavender, love the live, love the tops, love the swirls - very pretty!
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    Salt bars...one a success & one a disaster

    They are both wonderful looking soaps!
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    Don't know if you would call this a craft, but it's fun

    Those sound yummy, too! Vanilla Chai especially sounds intrigging.
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    Don't know if you would call this a craft, but it's fun

    Made them for Cinco de Mayo. Everyone said they tasted like margaritas and loved them. I did watch the amount of sugar I put in the frosting - didn't want it to be too sweet. I got the recipe from Brown Eyed Baker's site. Search margarita cupcakes and her recipe will pop up. You can...
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    Don't know if you would call this a craft, but it's fun

    And tasty! Margarita Cupcakes - these are made with tequila and lime Easter Cupcakes - peeps - robin eggs - roasted coconut with green food coloring
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    1st soaps in awhile!

    Used coconut milk in both batches to try and up the lather Plus I tried using hanger to make swirls - didn't work so well - thought it would need a thicker trace but appears a lighter trace might work better! Hope to experiment more this weekend!
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    8 colour faux funnel!

    Austin Powers comes to mind! Groovy Baby!
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    My First Soaps & homemade soap cutter – LONG

    Jealous of your soap cutter! Love your soap, too!
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    First soaps from a rank beginner

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    Tog's etsy site

    I haven't been on much except in the photo gallery. With Christmas coming up, I am putting a log cutter on my list, and went to look at tog's site and couldn't find it. Has he stopped making/selling? I have Craft Sake's site on my list. Anyone else know any other similiar cutters for sale...