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    Essential Oils

    For a "burning" smoky scent you can add a drop or two of Cade essential oil.
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    Gardener's bar crumbling ?

    That's 105%
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    Herbal infusions

    A very typical calendula soap recipe calls for calendula oil infusion. Are you sure none of the herbal properties will survive? Even "Making Soap" magazine (HSCG publication) featured that recipe that uses calendula oil infusion.
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    Let's tell a story....

    soaping I usually
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    Let's tell a story....

    get eaten by
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    Let's tell a story....

    ..apparently another soaper who
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    Help getting a scent to stick in CP soap

    Silicon dioxide is sand. It won't be the same as betonite clay in CP.
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    Honey transformation in soap

    OP - you overthink the concept. By replacing honey with something else -- what is the goal? Primary constituents of honey are glucose and fructose, replacing with more complex carbs (refined sugar, maple syrup, starch) in the presence of lye would lead to breaking the sugar chain and forming...
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    Why do you make soleseife/brine bars?

    I made my first brine soap a year ago and was not impressed to say the least. So I tried it after a year of cure and OMG, this is my favorite soap! Feels great, superb silky lather, and a bit cooling to the skin. The only "oops" moment is scent - I used essential oils and they are gone after a...
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    Making Large Batch Soaps

    Also have a recipe at your hand at all time with all steps listed to make sure all your additives/fragrance/colors are added & in the right amount! If you are mixing/swirling etc make sure the pattern is listed on your recipe card so that it can be repeated in the future.
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    Web site launched over the holiday break - looking for feedback

    Adjusted the wording, added standard FDA notice. Thank you for the feedback everyone! In US the ingredients are not required for a true soap. I list them anyway on each bar.
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    Web site launched over the holiday break - looking for feedback

    Thanks for the feedback everyone, I’ll find a way to adjust the wording and remove the claims that are not aligned with what’s allowed by the FDA.
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    Web site launched over the holiday break - looking for feedback

    OMG, yes, I had this comment and it was lost in the midst of work. Fixing now before I get sidetracked again!
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    Web site launched over the holiday break - looking for feedback

    Hello fellow business owners/artisans! Launched my web site over the holiday break, please take a look and give your suggestions, impressions and feedback. My main idea was simplicity. Very excited about this journey!
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    Blend to cover Stinky EO

    Spearmint blends well with just about anything, it can help to bring different dimensions of other EOs. My favorite Frankincense and Spearmint. Experiment! Having that said, if the EO smells like the old chocolate, chances are it is diluted with an oil that went rancid. I wouldn't use it for...