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    First Soap - what's wrong with this?

    Did you have any additives? And did you try to force gel? If so, how?
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    Please HELP me

    If your scale is unreliable or malfunctioning, all bets are off, and the actual quantities of anything in your soap is a guess. All advice is hinged on accurate measurements, so without fixing that I'm not sure how much use our recipe/technique advice could be.
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    Need Honey & Goat Milk Crash Course!

    That sounds right, I use honey at 1 TBS PPO. If you use a chelator dissolved in water, I'll usually dump that in the bottom to help the cube-melting go smoothly. Otherwise, just pour a little lye at a time and move the cubes around as you go. I believe in you! You can do this!
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    Need Honey & Goat Milk Crash Course!

    Will the goat's milk be frozen? And will it be half or all liquid? Also what oils will you be using? (Sorry if I asked this before) Also, unless you're using ludicrous amounts of honey, you can probably add water without subtracting from the total liquid. If the liquid is frozen, you can...
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    Please HELP me

    Decimals are 1/10, so .3 is 3/10, not 3/8. No real harm in a little extra liquid, it'll just take a little longer to firm up. I'll let someone with more experience chime in on the lye-flakes. I'm curious about what you mean by the lavender having too many oils: could you explain what happened?
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    Forgot an oil, help!

    I put your recipe minus the Castor oil into a soap calc, and it showed a 6% SF based on your lye amount. 🤣 Because all sap value are approximations, different lye calculators assign slightly different sap values to the same oils. Regardless, Castor oil has the lowest sap value of the 4 oils...
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    Is this recipe okay?

    Pretty sure "water discount" just an imprecise way of saying "less water than normal." Hence the preference for ratios and percentages to measurable things. 30-40% lye concentration is fairly normal for CP soap, which is why BreannanSilva's 43.48% concentration is raising a few eyebrows...
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    Oregon Groves LLC saying hello

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    Air bubbles?

    I would give it three days to saponify and then do a zap test. If it zaps, it's rebatch or throw time.
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    Is this recipe okay?

    Looks good to me too! Ditto on the liquid amount though- I expect this to trace rather quickly.
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    Oozy soap with too much water fail. Can it be saved?

    This was just last night, so I would hold off on the despair just yet. If you've heard of "Ghost Swirl" soaps or "high water/low water" soaps, different water amounts in different soap batters are a design aesthetic. The soap will still be soap. The purple parts will shrink more over time than...
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    Why is this happening

    If they're recent, you can pop them back into the mold, put them back in the oven to gel the rest of the way, and let them cool down again before removing them from the mold. Otherwise, let the oven stay at 170 longer or maybe soap a little warmer.
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    Missing swirl??

    I CPOP as well- usually. Depending on the recipe, the loaf may gel without CPOP. My 100% CO soap went into gel just sitting on the counter in air-conditioned comfort. It's hard for me to see texture from the photo, but maybe a bit of alien brains? If so, it's caused by overheating. And there...
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    can melt and pour make "pretty soaps"

    I'm not sure what the fatty acid profile of the animal shortening is, so I can't speak to the first one. The second one looks pretty good. The one thing I would caution is that you really don't want your liquid above 2:1 liquid:lye, or 33%lye concentration, or 30% liquid to oils, whichever...
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    can melt and pour make "pretty soaps"

    Post your recipe, and we can hazard a guess. :) Or a few favorites, if you like.