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    Credit card processor

    I use Square and it is great if you have an iPhone. It's easy fast and you get your money quick. I switched from Propay. I do not regret it. It does take a while to get the swiper thingy but worth the wait...
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    How to Get Rid of Frostings in Soy Wax

    Embrace the frost if you stay with 100% soy blend. Adding a little beewax helps. Heating to 180 and pouring a little on the hot side 140 -150 also helps. I notice that if you pour to instructions they will frost more...I actually don't cool prior to pouring...Very little frosting...
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    When using caffeine the usage amount is usually only 1%. If it is Vitalderm then it is only 1% anything over will re-crystallize in your product. It is usually only water soluble so I'm not sure a lip balm is doable...
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    First Charcoal Soap

    I use cosmetic charcoal I get from Texas Naturals. I tried grinding myself but it still left way too much grit.
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    my first massage lotion :)

    None of the things I listed are silicones. They are concidered natural products.
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    my first massage lotion :)

    Just my opinion but if you are going to use it as a massage lotion then swap out the Stearic with Cetyl Alcohol or Esters as a thickener (my fav is behenyl alcohol). Stearic will have more of a grab then a slip...You have just embarked on a journey that is never ending! I have to stop myself...
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    Anyone used Save On Scents (SOS) ? Need advice quickly!

    I have used Save on Scents and I do really like them. I have not had one that I did not like. Their Black coconut is my best seller...
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    I also use Zen Cart and you do have to be pretty well versed in coding CSS and PHP in order to get it where you want. I am pretty well versed and it has taken me about two months to get my site up and the way I want it. It is great because it is free and with Paypal it REALLY cheap!
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    Oils that make a hard soap

    Palm Kernal and Palm also make a harder bar.
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    incorporating hydrolyzed oat flour

    I use VenaSilk from the Herbarie. It really does give a silky emolliency to my lotions. It also does provide a little bit more stability to the emulsion.
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    incorporating hydrolyzed oat flour

    I use it in all my lotions. I incorporate the entire amount before I emulsify. I use a stick blender though. I never have a problem.
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    concerns with lye

    Soda ash is high alkaline solution just like lye. It does the same thing as lye and is as caustic as lye. I as nervous as well when I started to use lye but if you are careful and respect it there will be no problems.
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    RTCP.... A question

    Mine always gel and actually I have to put the mold under a ceiling fan to stop it from over heating. But I do a use a homemade sugar/salt solution and that contributes to the heat...
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    It can be a multitude of reasons. The weather, the temp of the FO when added to the mixture.(I'm kidding about the weather but who knows) I noticed that if I warm them up they give me less trouble. Sometimes it can be the mixture of oils. The only thing that will tell is if you try with a...
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    Great no change in smell just use 1 ounce PPO to get a nice scent 1.5 for strong scent.