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    SMF January Challenge 2021 – Planet/Galaxy Soap

    Oh this is going to be fun to watch. I'll be traveling with work so won't have time to participate but can't wait to see what you guys make!
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    Need Advice Regarding Waterproof Labels

    Thank you. I'm going to search it up!
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    Reducing Lye %

    @DeeAnna Unlike most, I get confused by ratios! Once you started describing what the equivalent percentages are to the ratio my head started to tingle. Nerves? Anxiety? Obviously I failed that section in math class. In fact, I recently told my 6th grader granddaughter that when they start doing...
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    Need Advice Regarding Waterproof Labels

    @cmzaha Can I ask what model printer you have? I'm seriously thinking of replacing my Epson WorkForce 545. It's been limping along for a while now. Thanks.
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    My other hobby

    WOWZAAAA!!!! That's true art. Thank you for sharing!
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    First try at a tiger swirl

    Very nice!!!
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    Entry thread - November 2020 SMF challenge - string pull technique

    I used 2.4mm and 4.0mm stainless steel bead chains for my string pulls. The hardest part for me was trying to avoid ash. I found that the best control over the colors was to drop the batter onto the bar, place the chain around the drops and then pull the chain through the drops. Edited to...
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    No stir Palm in bulk WSP

    My 7lb bucket of no stir PO from WSP was soft enough to stir, but I do live in Florida. It's almost too soft.
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    How popular are your salt soaps?

    I don't sell but I use salt bars at least four times a week. I love them most when I use them in a sisal or woven soap bag. I don't know why, but the lather is hugely better and the exfoliation from the bag is like heaven. I gave a husband and wife couple several different soaps to test and...
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    another indictment against palm oil

    Please excuse my ignorance, but I never heard about the "bad" palm oil industry until I found this forum and not once has any of my friends, family or coworkers mentioned it when we talk about my soap. I don't sell so I don't know if there are many informed consumers in and around my location...
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    SMF November Challenge 2020 - String Pull Technique

    I have my last batch securely covered with saran wrap and plan to keep them covered until the final entry day. The ash has been horrible so far, so this time I sprayed with alcohol and wrapped about 10 layers all around the platter I have the bars on. I placed cups and bottles on the platter as...
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    SMF November Challenge 2020 - String Pull Technique

    @earlene & @Primrose thank you! So far, I like the combination of different string types. I just 'borrowed' some strings from my husband's shop so we'll see how it goes this week. This is a fun exercise!
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    SMF November Challenge 2020 - String Pull Technique

    @Catscankim - yours are coming out really nice. I like the blue and white. I'm using some older FO discolored soaps to practice on. I did make some solid colored soap to use when figure out the technique. I tried some kitchen twine that seemed ok but I think I had too much soap on it so I drug a...
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    SMF November Challenge 2020 - String Pull Technique

    That's good to know. I tried it out this morning and it looks like there's hardly anything there! Another thing, I made way too much soap. My recipe was for 8 ounces of oils and I tried it out on six bars and still ended up making three single-cavity soaps. It's a new recipe I wanted to test...
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    The word association game