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    Peaches 'n' Berries

    Very nice. I like the rustic look of the “mottled” effect of your oat milk. My Oat milk didn’t do that...Are you making your own milk or did you buy yours?
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    Soap Stamps

    I have some from Aliexpress. Quite happy with the quality but shipping times can be a bit long.
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    I am also a newbie, but I really love from Nurture: Heart breaker (beautiful dark pink) Rapunzel ( not too yellow gold) Sweet pea is my fav fragrance.
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    March 2020 Challenge: inlaid soap design

    This is really pretty. Good luck with your entry.
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    Hello from Canada's (chilly) capital!

    Welcome! From an ontarian gal! Happy soaping
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    Too much Mica?

    If only the middle colors didnt crumble... Will try it again...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Pipe divider pink’ and orange with swirls...was sooo happy. Got a little thick but still managed to get it done. Then i saw my fragrance bottle still full...*sigh* Beautiful, and awesome piping.
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    Too much Mica?

    Thank you. Lesson learned.
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    Too much Mica?

    Hello fellow soapers, So these bars started crumbling at the edges where the Micas are more saturated. It is not Lye heavy. There was a bit of Soda Ash, but this is different. Anyone had this happen before.
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    SMF February 2020 challenge - Ione swirl

    Beautiful swirls, well done. Natural colors are amazing as well. Soon we will qualify to participate...
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    HP Troubles - HP's Please Help

    The stick blender method is a different technique then the counter top high temp. The SBHP was created by Sharon Johnson ( Hot process Queen) she has great tutorials as well on youtube. I don't stick blend with the counter top...just a wisk. No need to beat it! LOL I do not add vinegar or...
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    HP Troubles - HP's Please Help

    The HTHP ( high temp hot process) or CTFHP ( counter top fluid hot process ) the oils start at 200 degrees. Then you force the volcanos, which you will wisk back down in the pot. Easily. Then it turns to applesauce stage, then it volcanos again. Wisk it back down. Then its cooked . 15...
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    Does anyone mix their colourants directly with their fragrance/essential oils?

    I think it is called a slurry...mixed fragrances and clays, colors.. People usually put it last in case it behaves badly. But if you have used this one before...then you can without fear of ricing or seizing.
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    3rd HP Hanger Swirl

    Beautiful. Well done.
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    Patchouli and Anise?

    I have used this in a Beer soap made this week, and added some vanilla as well. Although you cannot smell it, the vanilla turned my soap quite dark which was perfect for Guiness beer... And all you can smell now is Anise and some patchouli. I like this scent very much, but will not be for everyone.