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    Hello Sweet Thang

    how did it work out in soap?
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    kumquat i love brambleberry's!
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    Salt Bars

    Any ideas for cold process salt soap? Has anyone tried this? Did it work?
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    Pet peeves

    People who speak really loudly in enclosed spaces (buses , subways.) I have to deafen myself with music to not hear most NY'ers conversations. Michele in NY
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    Besides soap. . . .

    I love wine, and cooking and music. I paint and knit as well. Michele in NY
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    Baby name suggestions

    My daughters are named Katya (we call her Katy) and Anna. We found them to be kind of old school European , but dignified names. Good luck! Michele in NY .
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    Getting to know you game

    Name: Michele Location: NYC Food: Pasta,Parmesan and Vino Hobbie: Painting, Knitting, Soap making soon.... Movie: Repo Man (old punker)
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    Where are you from?

    New York City as well.
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    New from NYC

    Hi! Glad to find this site...Not making soap yet ...waiting for tax refund to splurge on supplies. Cant wait! Michele.