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    Help me with Shower gel please :)

    I know that Has anyone tried to add any of these to liquid castile soap? I don't really mind if the soap comes out awful or if it doesn't work as well as I hope since it's just a thing I'm willing to try and tweak but I just don't know what amounts/percentages of sodium lactate, goat...
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    Help me with Shower gel please :)

    The castile soap I have is true 100% castile soap (bought from a chemical supplier). I've used this soap before (I bought a 5 gallon drum of it) with essential oils; however, I would like to add in extra ingredients. Yes, soap is stripping - however, lower pH soaps don't strip away the acid...
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    Help me with Shower gel please :)

    Hi, I would like to make my own shower gel recipe that has specific ingredients without all of the other nasty chemicals found in stor bought soaps. I specifically want to make shower gel/liquid soap and not bar soap since I don't like the thought of bacteria/mold growing on my soap overtime...