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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Played with my new planer/beveler. Work's pretty good.
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    How to measure additives?

    Hi, another newbie here also. If you search on ' clays usage max ' this should get you started. Not used them a lot myself. Coloring mostly. Mix my fragrance oil with kaolin clay for each batch. Read it anchors scent? Not enough experience to attest to that. But hydrating the Clay. Before hand...
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    This evening's effort

    Hi. Interesting mold. Is that a miter saw on the left. You are using as one end of your mold?? No leakage?? Way cool.
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    Wholesale Supplies Plus shipping delays

    Not good to hear. Just placed an order with them. Luckily it's small. Just some odds and ends.
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    for dirty, dirty gardeners

    Hi, only a single wire cutter. But I loosen wire between uses. Using a .022 steel guitar string. Get them at local music store.
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    mmm, not sure yet. But I'm a gonna find out.... more reading, searches, and more reading... then to the calculatooooorrrr......that's what Alice said as she fell down the rabbit hole.
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    ordered some "Neem Oil" :oops:..........
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    Armour Lard

    you know what they say. once you go lard........ ;). I use the Walmart brand as well. Have had no problems.
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    World's ugliest soaps

    Tough crowd today Zing. Soap reminds me of coconut candy. Had as kid's. Had same color stripes. Very good memories. Thank you.
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    Aleppo tribute soap...

    Hi, sacrificed an old bar (brown/white) for the stamp mold. And just an end cut to test it out. You can see. It took me a couple of bars to get it looking correct. Not sure how long to cure these?? They are not 48 hours old. And rock hard. Cannot see these taking a year to cure. Will test a...
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    Aleppo tribute soap...

    Hi everybody. Here is how I made the stamp. Fix a lot of things, with JBWeld. Thanks for looking.
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    Soda ash inside loaf?

    15 dozen?? Well in that case, if not mentioned. Then "Design Enhancement". No charge.😎
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    Aleppo tribute soap...

    Hi. Had this project in the works. Started reading Zany s thread. And it mentioned Aleppo soap being made with seawater. Didn't like slime I saw in review video's. So thought I would give it a try. Mmmm, greenish oob. But yes, it is on the light side. Maybe if I had used a higher percentage...
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    Soda ash inside loaf?

    Remake using knowledge just gained. For perfection. And put these in the bargain bin. Money is made from return customer.
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    Aleppo tribute soap...

    Hi everybody. Finally made my Aleppo soap. 80 % olive oil, 20% laurel berry oil. Used ZNSC recipe. Just with 20% Laurel Berry oil. Worked perfect. Forced gel. Cut @ 20 hours. It's Hard! man. Diy stamp. 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 blocks. Smells awesome. Stamp says "made by hand" in Arabic. Used an online...