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    Sad day, i guess i need to make a decision

    Yes, he completely recovered head tilt and all. He did have a little relapse about a year later but it was short lived too.
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    Sad day, i guess i need to make a decision

    Our elderly dog had this and completely recovered in 5 days. Vet called it Old Dog Vestibular Disease. It is hard to watch! He walked like he was drunk and his eyes darted back and forth... symptoms very similar to my husband's Meniere's Disease. I hope your Abby recovers quickly!
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    Titanium Dioxide

    I have less issues with water-soluble than oil-soluble. I only add a very small amount of water at a time to really get all the blobs mixed in and I also SB the mixture into my oils before adding lye solution.
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    Mad Micas soap rainbows 🌈 (colour reference)

    This is fabulous! Thank you for sharing!
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    Tonka and Vetiver

    That's beautiful!! I'm assuming that FO behaved pretty well? I love vetiver EO but it so expensive!
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    The Dish Forum - problems?

    I learned so much over there in my early soapmaking years. There were many helpful soapers that I remember including Irish Lass and others mentioned here. I didn't post a lot, just researched/read a lot, and participated in some co-ops. Losing The Dish Archives is quite a loss. So, so sad...