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  1. Emma Cook

    Lavender Fields Soap

    I had an extra bottle of lavender eo sitting on the shelf, so I made these bars! The bottom layer is a purple mica from Mad Micas (I can’t remember the name!) and I did an itp swirl for the top with lavender mica and TD from Brambleberry. :)
  2. Emma Cook

    Buttered Popcorn soaps!

    I just cut these cute little babies! :) Buttered popcorn fragrance oil and designed to resemble bags of popcorn! I used a multipour tool for the stripes and I did a yellow and white ITP swirl for the buttery popcorn. The fragrance oil smells like kettle corn!! :p I’ll have to do some cleaning...
  3. Emma Cook

    Question about Colorants

    I’ve gotten several batches under my belt, but there’s still one thing I’m a bit confused about... Maybe it’s just me overthinking, but I’ve been wondering if there’s a “right” way to add colorants to soap. For example, I’ve read that it helps to mix colorants with a carrier oil, but my bars get...
  4. Emma Cook

    First Time Using Kokum Butter!!

    Because of a water discount and sodium lactate, I was able to unmold these pretty quickly. I love the way they turned out!! :) And the eucalyptus smells so invigorating. Now they’re ready for their 4-6 week cure!
  5. Emma Cook

    First Time Using Kokum Butter!!

    I used Kokum butter for the first time today. Used eucalyptus essential oil and textured the top. I love the way it turned out and I can’t wait to cut it with my new multi bar cutter! :) I’m 19 and I’ve only been soaping for a few months, but I’ve found my passion! I love experimenting with new...
  6. Emma Cook

    My First Swirl!

    Here is how they turned out! I’m pretty happy! I’ll need to use my planer on them to clean up the edges but overall I’m happy with how they turned out.
  7. Emma Cook

    My First Swirl!

    Today I was pretty ambitious. After getting a few simple recipes under my belt, I was determined to try a swirl for the first time! I used three different colors and the Lily Lemon Drop fragrance oil from Brambleberry. My inspiration: pink lemonade! Overall, I’m super happy with the result!! I...
  8. Emma Cook

    Hi! I’m Emma!(:

    Hello everyone! My name is Emma and I’m 18 years old and currently studying business administration in college. :) I guess something that I will share about myself is that I am autistic! Being on the spectrum does interfere with my daily life, but it is a huge part of my personality! I’ve come...
  9. Emma Cook

    New Soaper Here! Any advice welcome!

    Thank you!! Thanks for the tip! So I’m guessing it calculates amount of lye you would use based on the amount of oil?? Also, I’ve seen a term thrown around that I don’t quite understand. Superfatting I think? Does that have to do with the oil ratio? Gotcha!:) Thank goodness! I’ve read about...
  10. Emma Cook

    New Soaper Here! Any advice welcome!

    Hello all! My name is Emma and I have just recently started making cold process soap. I started as a way to cope with the stress of university and I have absolutely fallen in love with it! I am a newbie, so I have a few questions: Where can I find soap recipes? Or learn how to formulate my...