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    Aloe Vera powder

    Hi there. I just bought some aloe vera powder today and I tried to reconstitute it in water. I tried hot and cold water, and in both cases, all It made was a sticky tar-like lump on my spoon. It won't dissolve. and its almost impossible to scrape off. I also tried to mix it with oil and it...
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    Hello SMF community

    Hi there. Welcome to the forum.
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    Another newbie here :l

    Hi there. Welcome to the forum.
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    Finally introducing myself

    Hi there. Welcome to the forum.
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    Do all butters accelerate?

    Hi there @sarahmarah . I have been reading up on this myself too. I found a really great article that helped me understand how/which fatty acids affect the speed at which the soap goes to trace. In the article, they explain that Solid oils (that are hard at room temperature) tend to be high...
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    SMF August 2020 Challenge - Zig Zag Cosmic Wave Technique

    I tried 2 small 500g batches already, in a margarine tub as a mould. My loaf mould is only getting here at the end of August. The first batch was hopelessly to thick. But that was because I used too many hard oils. Today I made a 2nd small 500g batch with a much better recipe and more soft...
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    Came to a Realization

    Hi there @SeeYaLatherSoaps Welcome to the forum!
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Oooh a whole room just for soaping, You lucky fish. That is really a lovely space. Don't worry, you will be back to soaping soon. Just take good care of your wrist. It is a great time for you to plan recipes and new designs perhaps. Hope you feel better soon.
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    First batch fail ??

    Thanks for correcting me. So stain sticks are 100% with no superfat. Thanks. I appreciate the info. We learn something new every day.
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    Essential Oils

    I haven't yet tried it myself, I've just seen it made on youtube videos by Royalty soaps and Missouri river soaps. I have however bought a small bottle of the coffee extract and I want to make a soap with it and compare it to filter coffee soap. and also try to make a stronger coffee solution...
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    SMF August 2020 Challenge - Zig Zag Cosmic Wave Technique

    1. msunnerstood. Im a glutton for HP Punishment 2. Jersey Girl- Looking forward to trying this technique. 3. sarahmarah-I’m down. Looks fun. 4. MissChief - only because I need to make more soap.... seriously! 5. SudsyJurn- first time in a challenge, yay! 6. AliOop - already thinking about...
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    First batch fail ??

    Hi there @Makingsoap21 I'm new to the forum, but with my first soap I also tried to use a small sample piece of my soap within a week of making it, and It also dried my hands and left it flaky. But after curing for several weeks it was Way more gentle. The longer you cure the better it will...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Oh Wow, that is such a gorgeous green!, If I may ask, What did you use for the colouring? Thanks 😊
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    So I saw the post with the August challenge with the zigzag swirl pattern. And I thought I'd give it a try. Lols. It did not go well. The soap base I tried was WAAYY to thick. I added my lye and literally, only Hand whisked my batter for about 40 seconds to a min and it got Thick. I didn't...
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    Its Summer.. I could not resist.

    Mo Most Excellent!!! Awesome Watermelon