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    The Lost Entry

    Stunning !
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    Change username or delete account?

    Hello, Angie; could you please change my Brsoaper name to my real name? It's Elena. Thank you very much and take care of yourself there.
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    Confused about chemistry

    So do we !
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    Welcome back !
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    @Obsidian , hoping it will be good soon; virtual hugs!!!
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    @shunt2011 , hope you recover quickly.
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    Hi there

    Welcome! There are lots of information here.
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    Introducing myself

    Welcome, Hinata!
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    After a long hiatus...

    Welcome back!
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    What did I put in my soap? It looks like brick ...

    Thank you, @moodymama; really buy out of the country, only if it is free shipping, otherwise it will be very expensive, because we still have to pay an import fee in addition to a wait of more than 40 working days. You would end up paying 3 for 1 in total. I found some EO locally and continue...
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    Thoroughly new!

    Welcome! Hugs from Brazil!
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    What did I put in my soap? It looks like brick ...

    Grateful for the clarification and offer. I live in Brazil, third world. As far as you know, there are few soap makers around here and the only one that helps when you can be Mr. Roberto Akira,, and he uses only EO. The rest sell their courses / products. All I learned was to surf the...
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    What did I put in my soap? It looks like brick ...

    First of all, sorry for my English; My recipe (cold process) 289g Olive oil 281g Lard 129g Coconut oil 50g Linseed oil 38g Castor oil 23g Shea butter 25g Green clay 35g Something (FO, maybe?) 108g NaOH 218g Water Lye conc.: 33% SF 8% Yesterday afternoon I made a batch of soap and...