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I live in a very small town in NE MI on 4.85 acres of forest. I don't qualify for a HUD home because I don't make enough money from SSI/SSDI. My mobile home is 80+yrs old. I am an organic Groundskeeper, forager, photographer, and steward of the land. I hiked the Pacific Trail in my early 20's. have 2 Federal Service Dogs who accompany me at all times. I don't know anyone in my community who relates to me. I've made soap since I was a kid and skin care products too. I've never had a computer, only a smartphone. I face local discrimination due to discomfort in public settings every time I am in public. No one here ever saw a "REAL LIFE" Federal Service Dog before I showed up. I help anyone who asks if I can. I feed my Federal Service Dogs B.A.R.F diet that I make myself. I love making bar soap, and tallow balm.
Apr 24, 1975 (Age: 45)
MI Harrisville
Autistic (considered disabled by US gov.)