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    Label Printing

    The Print Shop I still have my older version of The Print Shop 15. I love the convenience of it and I can pick which labels to start with and how many to print. its compatible with online labels. for the other labels i just print a test sheet on regular paper hold it up behind the labels...
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    Boy this year is going fast! Good luck Bruce! I hope you reach your goal.
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    Who's thinking fall?

    I recently got my stuff in from Backwoods Pumpkin Cornbread Spiced Wassail Cranberry Spice Fall Harvest Sandalwood Cardamon I also have some Nag Champa coming in from a coop
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    Aroma Haven

    They have several I like a lot.
  5. earthygirl

    Food prices- any tricks?

    there will be goodies....thats all I am saying :D
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    Food prices- any tricks?

    here are some of my babies Rosemary Olive oil sourdough Oatmeal Raisin and breakfast goodies Raisin and cream cheese snails
  7. earthygirl

    Food prices- any tricks?

    I'm with y'all as far as the farmers market. Much cheaper I bake my own bread and even though flour has gone up in price, its nothing compaired to teh bread prices. I also have the added advantage of know exactly whats in my bread. We are in peach season right now, so I am making jam, and...
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    Global Garden Rice Bar

    thank you all for the wonderful words of kindness.
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    New Pictures!

    those are too cute!
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    Global Garden Rice Bar

    Here is my latest one a combo of coconut, olive, palm, palm kernel, rice bran and shea butter. I used rice milk for my liquid. added liquid silk and rice flour, fo, and neon oxides soaped at room temp. Thanks for looking
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    3 oil Luxury Bar ala Earthygirl

    Here is the recipe for the 3 oil bar I made in the swap. Althoug a bit labor intensive I thinkit came out really well. Soap recipe created by SoapMaker version 2.8 some of the excerpts for the making of the milks was used from directions I got from "How to Make Marcie's Milks" and the...
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    When you say "cedarwood"...

    I use all three. the most used is the viginia. I also have atlas and the himalayan
  13. earthygirl

    Earth Day is Tomorrow

    they are also good dipped in chocolate :P
  14. earthygirl

    took this pic at 5:30AM today

    Aw COOL!!!!! You make me yearn to go hiking LOL