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    If you could only have one FO, what would it be??

    Strawberry Milkshake from Saffire Blue. They discontinued it and I now don't know what to do with myself. I'd rather keep my last 300ml for myself (even though everyone else is "addicted" to it too). :-( Has anyone else tried an amazing Strawberry Milkshake FO from another company?
  2. dreamerysm

    Sachet packaging (like ketchup packets) for products

    I use these to makes samples for beauty supply stores. They usually give them out with other purchases. Not as pretty as the ones you have there, but they look cute enough when labeled.
  3. dreamerysm

    Lotion bar with avocado oil. Icky colour

    I love the green that comes from avocado and hemp oil. Sometimes I play it up with a hint of lime green or secret garden mica. Maybe that will help you... accepting it and making it a prettier green instead of purple/red.
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    Donations for charities - Anyone do this?

    You are a kind soul :). I regularly donate products to a womens shelter.