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    Hello from Norway

    Welcome back to soap. Hope your craftings brings you much satisfaction!
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    Entry thread for the November Challenge - Rainbows

    Here is my not so great entry. But I have yet to participate so my wife insisted we attempt to embarrass me!
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    Slow order fulfillment

    My recent order of bath bomb colors was really slow. They sold me blue, yet didn’t deliver or even say a word. Just no shipped on invoice. I call and they inform me it would be another couple weeks when I already waited 3 weeks from a company that isn’t a but a 3 hour drive from my house! Vent...
  4. Drchurchillsoaps

    Your Black Friday list

    And now they are out of trial by fire red…… so fail for me….
  5. Drchurchillsoaps

    Your Black Friday list

    I didn’t know about the free shipping over 30. I have almost 30 in my cart and they wanted $19.x for shipping. If I knew I could add one mica and get free shipping that would be another story! Ordering meow
  6. Drchurchillsoaps

    Your Black Friday list

    Disappointed with sales the Black Friday. I was going to order some micas from mature but the shipping was OUTRAGEOUS and to me totally screwed the sale. Paris fragrance has butters mark down 20% if bought in 8 pounds and got a couple fragrances bogo50% off. Free shipping over $75. What was your...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Happy thanksgiving to all! Made a soap loaf splitter today. Turn out a little different than I planned, yet it works like a champ 😆
  8. Drchurchillsoaps

    Soap calc error ucuuba I got mine here and have been happy with everything I have purchased from the company thus far
  9. Drchurchillsoaps

    Soap calc error ucuuba

    I could send you some sample ends off the loaf and see if you smell it @ 15%. I don’t call it Smokey but open to hear your opinion
  10. Drchurchillsoaps

    Soap calc error ucuuba

    i actually love the smell and may I ask where you got your ucuuba from? I was actually going to order another 8 pounds.
  11. Drchurchillsoaps

    Soap calc error ucuuba

    So if anyone wants to use ucuuba butter in soap, may I suggest adding your own values. Soap calc has ucuuba butter entirely wrong fatty acid makeup. If you used it you wouldn’t know you’re adding cleansing value. soap calc= steric 31 oleícola 44 Linoleic 5 Actual estimate value is = MYRISTIC...
  12. Drchurchillsoaps

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I use a bar very similar to this but cold process. My customers favorite bar. Careful though it move FAST through trace haha.
  13. Drchurchillsoaps

    Has anyone made deer tallow soap?

    Thank you so much for this post! I never thought of deer tallow! My good buddy’s family skins deer I must contact asap!
  14. Drchurchillsoaps

    Dual lye bars

    Looks nice. I have to figure the dual lye thing out. I tried it once. Did a 95:5 and it just came out too soft. I plan to try again with my steric heavy bacuri butter bars since they come out natural super hard. Your soaps look lovely.