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    Help with recipe please

    Nice Name!!
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    List your retail ready business

    Yeah get to work on that!!!
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    Sold my first soap!!!

    Good job, you should be proud of yourself!!
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    Hi from Alabama

    Welcome, what part of Bama are in?
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    Having a problem with my throw

    Get a nice tight spiral girlie!!! That should take care of it! :roll:
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    Tell Us About You

    Oh, lemme see.............where do I start? I am Carrie, 37 going on 12, live in Michigan, originally from Los Angeles! Been married for 17 years, have two monster boys 15 and 12, love to shop and make soap! I really love to make people laugh in case you haven't noticed! I can be a big ole...
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    M&P verse cp and hp

    Oh let me just tell ya!!!! I started out with MP soap making!!! Love IT!! I only wanted to make that kind and never anything else. I was freaked out about using lye...I didn't want to have a volcano in my kitchen. So one day I got brave, I donned the "mad scientist gear" and went to work...
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    Gas prices

    Its like a Smokey and the Bandit car AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hello .. Newbie here

    Welcome to the insanity! :lol:
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    Olive Oil

    Hey there, like everyone else says Super Walmart is the place to go, if you have a sams or costco membership, they are good too
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    Second batch today...Spearmint/Lavender Pics Added

    Yeah looking at the pics we "can't" tell ya shop at wally world :lol: :roll: I love your soaps! They make me so jealous! :)
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    A question... or two

    Welcome to our little forum!!! I do MP soap and CP soap, with MP you don't necessarily do a PH test, if you are using a premade base. As far as the dyes go, I use candy color gels to color them. But with that, the colors tend to fade, never had any bleeding from them. Good luck!
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    They swiped my soap samples!

    WOW! Yeah just look for the irritated skin! :) Then you will know!
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    newb newb newb! :D

    Ok gotta see some pics of the locks! :)