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    Distilled water shortage??

    Depending on quantity you need, perhaps check the laundry aisle as it’s used for ironing, at least here (Austria)
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    Looking for Dish Soap bar recipe.

    I recently made a dish bar with 95% CO and 5% castor. I like it and don’t find it especially drying on my hands. I normally use a dish brush. Caveat: almost everything goes into the dishwasher so I usually only use it for the occasional pot or colander and my cutting board, so, daily use but...
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    SMF April 2020 Challenge Entry Thread - Strainer Pour/Pull Through Technique

    I am in awe… I seldom play with design and now I am hunting the house for anything I think might off today, but on lockdown so have to find something inside the flat...
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    Soap Making for Small Space Living Situations

    I have lived in 475 sq ft with my late husband and cat—now just me and a cat. i make 3 lb batches normally, but regularly. I cure them on trays on the top of tall Ikea Billy bookcases in the hallway which comprise my pantry. it’s totally possible being a soap maker in a small space. If you...
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    Giving up

    I very often stickblend to emulsification then do a few quick pulses and stirs to incorporate e.o. and other additives. Make sure you are indeed getting to emulsification though.
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    Giving up

    I have mostly lost interest in design, except to clap and coo “oooohhhhh pretty!” at other people’s soap. At the moment (e.g. the past 5 years) I have gone back to my original idea for making soap—calming down my special rainbow unicorn annoying skin. Turns out that lots of other people in my...
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    The word association game

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    Why do you make soap?

    I started making soap when my sister said she had read an article in a newspaper that you could make it at home. She sent me the article and I made soap. Then I went to the library and got out every soapmaking book I could find and started reading and making notes. Later, the internet...
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    UK and European Members

    I would be pleased!
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    UK and European Members

    I've only passed through Voralberg--but it looks like an interesting place! Bregenz is on my list of places to see. I'm so much closer to Czech Rep. and Slovakia so I tend to go there, or to Hungary, to the east of Austria. I do have trouble with the Voralberger accent though!
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    UK and European Members

    aboot? I have never met a Canadian who says this. Grammar Girl has an interesting podcast on why Americans lack the ability to correctly hear the pronunciation of "about" as spoken by Canadians. Worth a listen. stereotypes aside, I live in Vienna. I see you are also in Austria. Whereabouts?
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    The word association game

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    UK and European Members

    I'm Canadian and live in Austria.
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    The word association game

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    Question about cream

    could it be stearic acid causing the dots? I have had that happen. nonetheless, your soap is beautiful!!!