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    What's Left with Soapmaking Friend?

    Sorry, I just noticed this question. I have just used the calculator again and this time I am not able to duplicate the rounding off of my oil totals although I was able to do this numerous times a few weeks ago. In any case, I have uploaded a file so you can see which numerals were getting...
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    What's Left with Soapmaking Friend?

    I just tried this for the first time and I quite liked it. I can imagine making this my go to calculator. I love the additives section. I frequently have issues with citric acid and this calculator takes care of that. The only odd thing I noticed was how this program kept rounding out the...
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    What are your favorite additives to put in soap?

    Silk, salt, kaolin clay and occasionally goat milk.
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    Brine soap question

    ShannonAll, your soap looks lovely.
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I have been intrigued by Soleseife, and just finished my 4th test batch. I used various oils in different combos, different superfat percentages, as well as weak to strong saline solutions. I live in a coastal town and am thinking of collecting some real sea water tomorrow. Just not sure yet...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Today I cut apart two loaves I made on the weekend. The top bar was from a small batch I made to try out a new FO. The lower portion of the bar has light areas that look like soda ash, but I don't think it is. I used more oil than usual to mix in the mica and didn't stir the mixture into the...
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    Mixing Fragrance Oils with lye water has anyone done this?

    I usually add tussah silk and sodium lactate to my lye mixture.
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    New soaper from Mexico

    Hi, Alfa!
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    Lowes Riceland Rice Bran Oil

    I picked up a box of RBO last week at Lowes in Washington. The fellow there told me it was on sale because Lowes would no longer carry it once their supplies run out. The expiration date was 10/2018. Had me wondering how well the oil might keep after the expiration date, if left unopened.
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    Hello from Florida

    Hi, Robin!
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    hi from Oregon

    Hi, Jumpsa. I joined this forum during the past month or so, and like you, I generally come here when I need help with something (this too is my first post). I have just begun making cold process soap recently. I also reside in the PNW, on the Olympic Peninsula, in Sequim.