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    Oil seeping

    Hello! I made a batch of soap last night and I was about to unmold it when I saw that there were puddles of oil in the top. Can this be salvaged? Any tips or thoughts on what could’ve caused this?
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    Left out Castor Oil

    Hello! I feel like I’ve been making so many mistakes lately but today’s hiccup was forgetting to add my castor oil. Will there be a problem with the soap? Here is my recipe... 920g total oil batch Super fat 5% 33% Lye Concentration OO 35% Coconut Oil 30% Shea Butter 20% Cocoa Butter 10% Castor...
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    Beeswax Flop in CP Soap

    Thank you!
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    Beeswax Flop in CP Soap

    Thanks for your input! How would you remelt it? I used heat transfer for the batch.
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    Beeswax Flop in CP Soap

    Thank you! I’m going to be sure to do a small batch. Before progressing with a larger batch. Lesson learned.
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    Beeswax Flop in CP Soap

    Wow. Noted. Thank you! What do you recommend I do with the soap? I didn’t feel comfortable with selling it. It’s a male fragrance. Could I give it to male friends and family use (with knowledge of the beeswax hiccup) it so it doesn’t go to waste?
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    Beeswax Flop in CP Soap

    I made a mistake in doing the heat transfer method with beeswax in my cold processed soap. The beeswax didn’t melt all the way before the soap batter started to trace heavily. Majority of it did but there was a good amount left unmelted. Will this affect the soap in any way? Can I use it and...
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    My Soap

    Just a few soaps I’ve made. I’ve changed the size and look of them now ☺️
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    Hello! :)

    Hi I’m Destiny! Fairly new (1 year) to soap making but already in love with it! So happy to be part of this community! Now I don’t feel so alone in my soap making journey!
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    Tea Infused Water

    Do you have to use distilled water when making the tea?