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    Cherry Molds

    Here are some other websites you can try that has cherry molds..... You should be able to find what your looking for here.Hope it helps :D designer_gifts
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    i'm new

    Thanks Everybody. I really look forward to talking to you all. :D designer_gifts
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    i'm new

    Thanks Everyone. I feel very welcomed. :D
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    Cherry Molds

    Whooops......So Sorry I didn't give you the right web site.... It's designer_gifts
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    Valentine's Day FO List

    These are some that do really good for me for valentines day that I haven't seen mentioned= cherry, black cherry, cherry vanilla, whipped cream,strawberry musk, strawberry fields, strawberries & cream, ruby lips, white cherry blossom and japanese cherry blossom. All of these are YUMMY scents. :)...
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    Valentines Day Scents?

    Nashvillewraps is A really good place to get stuff to make your basket sets.I have been using this co. for A while now. I also do Homeinteriors And Gifts and I started cello bagging alot of things like the candlesz and shades together with A really nice bow on it, and you can do the same thing...
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    Cherry Molds

    Another place to get really good fruit molds and just about any thing your looking for is designer_gifts
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    Question about MP....

    I don't know if this helps or not, but i've seen companies that sell green tea glycerin soap that you just melt and pour. And you could just add the green tea fragrance to it. designer_gifts
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    Making the big purchases....

    I've got to say,i'm sooo glad I found this forum. reading this just cracked me up. Finally someone besides me gets soooo excited about the same things that I do. I've always said,"I'm like A child at christmas time" when I get my orders. Everybody arond my house,(except my 7 year old daughter)...
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    i'm new

    I just wanted to say Hi to everyone and introduce myself. I have been in the soap and candle business for A little over A year now and I love it. I thought I'd join A forum so I could lean some new things,Get and give ideas and meet new friends. I'm looking forward to seeing all the ideas that...