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    Red Palm Oil This is a very good Sap Chart I always rely on.
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    Candle Science reviews

    Not understanding your post very well. There are reviews on Candle Science and Soap Scent Review Board that don't indicate much (if any) discoloration with Med Fig and Oakmoss & Amber in cold process soap. I prefer ungelled soaps with some scents so the bars will be lighter in color.
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    goats milk..

    double post
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    goats milk..

    I use canned goat milk. I add it to the oils or I add it to the soap mixture after I have added the lye water to that. I think it's much kinder to the goat milk and adding lye straight to it. Rarely do I have curdling, although some scents will cause that problem and there is little you can...
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    Candle Science reviews

    I have Mediterranean Fig and I think it smells sweet, but kind of tart, I guess. I also like Oakmoss & Amber and the only discoloration I've read about with either of these two in cold process soap is a bit of tan with O & A. But some reviews say there is no discoloration. Are you not-gelling...
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    suggested fragrance oils for goat milk soap?

    I had to look into this, too. Some fragrance oils from various suppliers will smell off to terrible with dairy milks. They just don't work and you'll be wasting all your ingredients when you have to throw the batch out. I have not had this happen with essential oils or the obvious OM & H scents.