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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Cheers, happy to be back. Missed the wonderful folks on here like yourself. The tremor swirl has some feathering but looks a bit more like a cross between a print out from an electrocardiogram and a frustrated Childs finger painting. Hard to explain. Even harder to look at. Ah well. Just excited...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Oh major flash backs logging in here for the first time in ages. I finally made some soap again after chickening out for however long (long story, diagnosed with young onset Parkinson's but diagnoses changed to Multiple System Atrophy). I stopped making soap for safety reasons. You can imagine...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Cheers Neeners & Ruthie. Didn't manage to make that soap today after all. Opened my container of lye and it was liquefied. My drains are now fabulous. Will go shopping and try again tomorrow. Fail!
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    :wave:Hello again all, long time since I've been on here, not sure if anyone remembers me. They don't have a "Here's Johnny" from the Shining type smiley so I'll just go with the standard wave. My soapy thing done for today is to log on here for the 1st time in months and months. I have been...
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    More Ebru soaps

    All of them are absolutely gorgeous!
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    My soap has a big crack!

    LOL wasn't me. I was edited. I walked the line. Must have crossed it. It's cool. I'll be happy if I can close the gap a bit, then it'll look a lot better. Cheers :smile:
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    My soap has a big crack!

    I don't actually have a hairdryer or a heat gun so will stick to the oven trick. The soap is still warm so I'm hoping it doesn't take too long to heat through. Wishing I had of checked the soap earlier to see if there were any problems cause it would have been so much easier to fix it sooner.
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    My soap has a big crack!

    The soap is only hours old Tienne so I'm going to give the oven and alcohol a try. Thanks! I always only think of using the alcohol for M & P *facepalm*
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    My soap has a big crack!

    Genius! No, not the staples, but the plant thing. Maybe even just a heavier thread of poppy seeds as a feature in a darker colour M & P soap. I'm going to dig through my botanicals tub.
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    Tray mould with dividers

    I have absolutely no idea if that's a good or bad price but that mould looks awesome. Really looks like a clever design. I'm getting mould envy.
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    My soap has a big crack!

    This is my 1st batch in weeks and I've completely lost what little soaping mojo I ever had. By the looks of it I should have waited longer to make soap again. I tried to push the crack of doom back together like a git and of course it bounced back, even though it was super soft . Duh. I went...
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    Weird things on the INCI list

    I've missed some interesting stuff this week :shock:. I've never raised any animals for food but I once had an apple tree and I bit into an apple then looked at it and saw half a worm left in it. I'd already swallowed the other half when I noticed it. Not sure if that counts :think:.
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    Piped Rose Buttermilk Cake

    Oh wow, absolutely stunning job you did of those. :clap: They were worth how ever much time they took to make. Very talented!
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    What's hiding in your swirls?

    Well I got the fox and seal then. The 1st one I see a cats head. Maybe also a dog with a weird shaped body looking over it's shoulder.
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    Soap top swirling

    ~Just stalking around waiting for cut pics ~