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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    After not making soap for nearly 5 months I decided today was the day. To my great surprise it was relaxing and enjoyable. Over the past year I have usually been stressed and worried as I made soap as a beginner. Sure, things didn't work out exactly like I wanted them to in the design and...
  2. soap cakes drying - some mini cakes some sliced

    soap cakes drying - some mini cakes some sliced

    All CP soaps except the clear heart shaped - it is M&P premium from WSP with colored and cut MP I made myself.
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    Comment by 'denisedh' in media 'soap cake'

    I've not checked in in awhile - thank you so much for the compliments! I've made more soap since those early days and had much more luck with soap formulas; however I have not made soap in a few months so nothing great to report. I may add a few more pics to my albums though! Let me see.....
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    My quest for coconut:

    more coconut FO I just got back from Hawaii (Maui) myself a week ago - and ordered some coconut scents to work with soap and lotion from Fragrance Buddy - so glad I found this thread - amazing the results! I am pretty sure I will make small batches to test these I just received. For the...
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    Comment by 'denisedh' in media ''

    I love this and want to make some in cubes now!
  6. soap cake

    soap cake

    I used a new soapcalc recipe of my own and I was not happy with the texture - it seemed wet and looked like cheesecake when I cut it. Very difficult to cut. It is drying slowly but still looks gorgeous - color-wise. The top is piped and I made melt and pour roses in a silicone mold for the...
  7. January CP Soaps

    January CP Soaps

    This is a 4 pound loaf made in a ED silicone mold which came out perfectly. I used a wonderful fragrance oil, Osmanthus from MMS and beautiful micas. It did not discolor at all.
  8. January CP Soaps

    January CP Soaps

    I used a simple olive oil, coconut, palm oil, cocoa butter, castor oil recipe and Turkish Mocha fragrance. The swirl was my second attempt and I used micas and charcoal to create the color. It is cured now and pretty hard. I'm happy with the outcome.
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I love High Maintenance - have the candle - may I ask where can I purchase some High Maintenance Fragrance oil? TIA
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    outside bubbles on my CPOP?

    Cookie Cookie said: Cookie - I am definitely looking forward to seeing what happens in the next week - which will be 4 weeks since I made the soap. I did plane off the edges - but kept them all so I could see - but I really don't think those bubbles are going anywhere - the soap is looking...
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    outside bubbles on my CPOP?

    studying and learning Just wanted all of you to know on this thread that I am still studying and learning so so much! I'm lucky to have a husband who is a chemist and he has been "pretty" helpful when I ask him a halfway intelligent question that he can answer about ingredients that we use in...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

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    outside bubbles on my CPOP?

    Thank you so much and now I'm trying to figure out why I need and what in the world is a water or lye discount - I have seen several formulas here and also have downloaded the soapcalc pro app on my phone. Now, if I need to keep practicing. I've successfully made 2 recipes that I...
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    outside bubbles on my CPOP?

    That is weird to me - but I'm having weird problems of my own - and not bubbles. Another thread is needed and I am searching right now for answers. I have not CPOP ed again but did make other batches in the mold that bubbled - they turned out totally bubble less - perfect - so I'm sure it is...
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    outside bubbles on my CPOP?

    I'm making soap today in the same mold - but not CPOP-ing. I haven' called ED but plan to this afternoon (east coast here). As for my bubble experience digression - ha - I bet my oven went down to 149 or less very quickly because I opened it to cover the top with foil one time. It was...