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    can you list your recipe thus far? I can then better help you with your emulsifier question.
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    Scrub curiosities

    here ya go: http://theherbarie.com/Bergamot-Body-Polish-p-74.html[/url] link is sending you to the site. you need to click on formulary on the left and scroll down to the bergamot body polish. recipe is listed right there.
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    Scrub curiosities

    Thank you for the welcome and the correction. I thought that was your ingredient list. My bad! :lol:
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    Need help with castile soap

    Well, for starters, you have too much water. I added your info into Soapmaker and without any kind of water discount, you should have 16.24 oz of water and 6.97 oz of lye. What soap calculator are you using? What did you use to blend? A stick blender of by hand? A stick blender works much...
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    Need help with castile soap

    could you give a list of oils used, their percentages and the lye and water amount used? there is no way of knowing without this info. it could be a few things but the one that came to mind first was separation of oils. sometimes you can get a false trace and the soap isn't really...
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    Cocoa Butter Lotion

    Irena is right. A preservative is based on a percentage of the total recipe (usually between .5 - 1%). Converting to grams leads to a much more accurate recipe. The preservative is the most important ingredient to a safe product so I would want to be as accurate as I could be. This totals...
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    Ok did a show yesterday

    How awful! I hate vendor shows. I will only do ones that are juried so I don't have that problem! Where in MI are you? I have family there and visit a few times a year!
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    Scrub curiosities

    Where is your preservative? You need one if you use sugar as a base (I would recommend a preservative if using salt, too). As for emulsified scrubs, they are great. Like sugar in a thick lotion if made right. No separation, no fuss, no mixing and they wash off beautifully. There is a nice...
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    Have you heard of LUSH?

    No, it is still a syndet bar. Only soap can produce lather/bubbles without adding a synthetic such as sorbitol, slsa or liquid sufacants.