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    Do I need to add more lye?

    If you want the best advice, you need to give the whole recipe with all ingredients in weights. A list of the fats you used isn't all that helpful. What reason did you have for using using less alkali than the recipe called for? I'm puzzled why you would make that choice, so could you explain...
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    Adding essential oils & cloudiness

    It's my guess that the liquid soap tutorials you're reading don't say to dissolve borax or boric acid in room temperature water, they say to use boiling water. The solubility of boric acid or borax changes a lot with temperature. For example -- "...You can make either a 20 percent solution of...
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    DOS from sunlight exposure

    Soapsmith did an experiment that looked at how edta, bht, and citrate as well as muslin bags can hep reduce the incidence of DOS. The soap she didn't treat and left exposed to light turned out similar to what you're seeing with your soap, M.B. Kinda cool stuff, actually, even though I don't like...
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    General Lye Management Question

    Ooh, thank you! Yes, that's the one, @Jersey Girl.
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    General Lye Management Question

    I can tolerate a spatter or so of soap batter on my arms or face, but soap batter under the fingernails is a nasty experience that's tough to avoid without gloves. And I am not interested in getting lye in my eyes. I got battery acid in my eyes as a kid (me making a typical little-kid mistake)...
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    General Lye Management Question

    @kchaystack shared the dry bucket idea here awhile back.* I then did a little article and video about this -- Soapy Stuff: NaOH or KOH purity check Edit: Can't find KCs original post about this idea, but here's a thread where he mentions it -- Search
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    -Water 32.20% + 2 Tbsp for the TD -Lye 29% I don't understand what you mean by these percentages. Is the 32.2% the "water as % of oils" amount? Does "lye" at 29% mean the lye concentration? Or something else? If talking about "water as % of oils" and "lye concentration" please give only one...
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    What’s this discolouration?

    I'm thinking the white swoopy patterns might be caused by not scraping the sides of the soap pot and then getting those scrapings mixed back into the main batter before pouring. If you pour, and then scrape the sides into the mold, the soap on the sides of the pot can be a little different than...
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    Facial Soap Bar Label-rules

    Whether you can make these claims or not is pretty much up to you and how many hoops you want to jump through. A claim of treating medical problems (acne) lands your soap in the drug category. This will require you to do due diligence on the active ingredients you are claiming will treat acne...
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    stearic acid mistake

    @Nanette -- If your stearic acid wasn't melted, it didn't react with the lye like it should have. Since you probably included the stearic in your recipe calculations, that suggests your soap could be lye heavy.
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    I invite you to provide the recipe here in this thread -- it would be good to let everyone participate in the conversation.
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    You didn't give your recipe, so it's hard to say why the one soap cracked. Cracking like this is often a sign of overheating which can happen for a variety of reasons -- high coconut, naughty fragrances, soaping fairly warm, etc. I really don't think the cracking was caused by spraying the top...
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    It's not glycerin. I have no idea why the BB people are telling people this -- it's not correct. If the "rivers" were really glycerin, they'd be sticky and goopy, and despite what the BB people say, they're not. Rivers are just soap that looks different. This is an esthetic issue that bothers...
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    Soap hardening too fast during saponification

    If you're doing cold process method, adding fat when the soap batter is at trace doesn't mean that fat will be the superfat. People assume the lye is largely gone at trace, but that's not true -- there is still a lot of active lye left in the batter. Add fat at trace or add fat up front as you...
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    A soap I bought and just unwrapped...

    I don't think anyone knows what metal they're using, nor does it really matter, to be honest. I don't recommend curing soap on metal racks, even ones you absolutely know are high quality stainless steel. While I will use a stainless steel stick blender for a few seconds to make my soap because...