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    Linen spray recipe

    Linen spray- Body Spritzers Hello Irena, Of anyone out there who may be of help Where is a good place to purchase polysorbate? And what perservative do you use? I just purchased Spritzer base and when I added a little oil I quickly found out I needed polysorbate. This is my first time...
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    what do you think of this recipe

    ph testing heavy lye Thank you for the advise. I will definatly keep notes from here out. Deb
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    Paul's Wal-Mart Recipe

    pauls walmart recipe Help Help Please I have tried using the soap calcular from two different places and I still havent got the hang of it. Could someone please give me the measurements for Paul Walmart recipe in ounces and how much lye and water. I will use 7 ounce of florals. I want to make...
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    what do you think of this recipe

    lye heavy I havent come across the recipe that I used for the soap. Yes I used ph strips, I take it that that is not a right choice. Should I order ph Paper from a soap suplier instead? Thanks Debora
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    Novice in search of a good beginners recipe

    need help breaking this down Recipe above I am wanting to make 6pounds Coconut Oil.................30% Crisco.........................28% Olive Oil......................20% Canola........................ 9% Safflower.................... 9% Castor Oil................... 4%...
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    what do you think of this recipe

    useing full water thanks for the advise. I am real new to soaping. I have mainly worked with mp. I have made two cp batches. The first batch was awsome. However I have never been able to find that recipe again, My second batch sits in a plastic container. It is so lye heavy it was made...
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    what do you think of this recipe

    Hie, I am looking for a new recipe and came across this one. Thought I would run it by everyone as a am a new soap maker and could really use the extra help. Thanks Debora 6lb batch.. Olive 16.10oz Coconut 16.10oz Crisco 32.20 oz lye 9.09oz water...full...23oz. 30% water discount...
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    Paul's Wal-Mart Recipe

    I need help with this recipe Paul, I think I may have hit the link to stop watching this post in my email. I am interested in knowing the measurements for a 6 pond batch. Thank You, Debora
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    Paul's Wal-Mart Recipe

    Hello Paul, The soap mold I just purchased are as follows. Each of these, No Liner Soap Molds will make a full 5 POUNDS CP or 6 POUNDS MP. for a total of Inside dimensions are 3 5/8" wide x 18" long and 2 1/4" deep. I also got molds for 3-4 pound loaves. I want to shoot for 5-6 pounds...
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    Paul's Wal-Mart Recipe

    hello I am a newbie making soap Can someone help me break this recipe of Pauls Walmart Soap down in a simplier form. I have no luck useing the soap calculator. And I am terriable with percentages. How many ounces of each product? Lye ect.... Thank You so Much. Debora How many pounds do...
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    newby soap maker

    I lost my soap recipe I used before and I am totaly lost now. I am looking for a easy recipe for Cp White soap. I tried running a few recupes tru a calculator and that was a flop for me I just dont quite get the calculator. Does anyone out there have a recipe for new soaper. I need it in...