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    HP Troubles - HP's Please Help

    I do it differently than most people, I don't use a crock pot. I use a big stainless steel bowl on a hot plate. I put the temp pretty low, leave it uncovered, and stir often. I'm a rebel. When it gets to applesauce, it's almost done, I stir it with my spatula at this point and when it comes...
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    How soon to unmold and cut 100% coconut oil soap?

    I've cut in 3 hours before (hot process though). The soap is still hot, it's a little weird. 5 or 6 hours max.
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    Making soap ultra white

    Ivory shea butter instead of the more yellow one, and high oleic safflower in place of olive. I like 100% coconut oil soap lately, and unless the fragrance discolors, it's very white.
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    Two base oils that are dirt cheap at the supermarket

    The one that is just vegetable is probably soybean. These aren't used much in soap because they go rancid easily and can contribute to DOS.
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    Diffusion of micas question

    I mix them with the fragrance oils, but that's mostly so I'll stop forgetting the fragrance oils.
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    All these little orange spots

    Yes, I just moved and made part of my new garage my soap studio. It gets hot in there. The oils were fairly young, the lard was new. I'll keep the oils in the house during summer. It's a really nice soap, it'll be fine for home use. I'm happy with the recipe, I usually use lard or tallow...
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    All these little orange spots

    I use bar soap for dishes, they'll work fine for that.
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    All these little orange spots

    Well at least it's not a fragrance I'm attached to. I'll put them with my kitchen soap rebatch scraps, they'll get used.
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    All these little orange spots

    Smells ok, but I don't like the fragrance, I don't want to be stuck with 12 of these that I can't sell. Oh well, not the end of the world. I made another batch the same day with the same ingredients (different fragrance, no poppy seeds, same mica, and it's fine).
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    All these little orange spots

    I know it looks like DOS, but I noticed it at 2 weeks old
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    All these little orange spots

    I don't think this is DOS. The soap is not done curing, it's 3 weeks old. Must be from the poppy seeds? Maybe they had some debris? Or the fragrance. Recipe is 50% lard, 25% each coconut and Safflower (HO), 6% superfat. Dragon Fruit fragrance from Aztec, same red mica I've used for a...
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    Patchouli Blend Ideas

    People keep asking me for patchouli too. The only way I can stand it is to mix with orange. I use essential oils, so eventually the orange will fade, but the patchouli remains strong. No one minds that it is mixed with orange.
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    Not sure what I just made

    I don't think so. It jumps around. If you bump the table or move what's on it it shows a new number. If you leave it alone and don't touch anything, it keeps changing. It was cheap, I'll get a better one. On a positive note, I tried some for washing dishes (hand washing only, don't use bar...
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    Not sure what I just made

    I just moved and can't find my good scale (that measures accurately and isn't annoying like the other old one I used as backup). So I bought a new one, bad idea. The soap has gelled and hardened already, but is still very hot. I'll cut it tonight. The original soap I started to make got...
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    Not sure what I just made

    It does appear to be soap though, so that's a good sign :thumbs:. I mixed my lye solution, the (brand new) scale was jumping around a bit, but nothing too bad, I thought it was weighing normally. When I got to my oils, I put the lard in, then I had to get something, when I came back, it was...