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    What to do with old FOs

    No they never got back to me 😔 But I did make two batches.. One with an FO with the only part of the label not faded says "femme" and the other was very obviously a masculine scent once you open the bottle. Happy to report that neither me nor my testers reported any side effects from using...
  2. Dawni

    Does colored glassine stain?

    Not sure if anyone is interested lol but just in case someone does a search in the future.... No, the red glassine did not stain my lotion bars 😊
  3. Dawni

    Whats a good way to add hardness without changing your oils/butters?

    I agree with the rice water and flour. In my case, my hardest bars are the ones that use the aforementioned, and also rice puree. No idea why.. Have not found scientific data to explain it but I've been making this soap for a couple of years now, and it's always the hardest. Also lasts quite a...
  4. Dawni

    Tiny Travel Soaps

    This. Haha. Takes forever to wash your hand with a small soap piece... Maybe a syndet will work better? I have a whole bottle filled with soap pieces in different sizes, cuts n shapes I keep meaning to use as one time use soaps but never gotten around to actually using, much less selling. Been...
  5. Dawni

    Hot processing

    This was my problem too when I was new. Especially regarding colorants. I posted several links here, some are mine some aren't, but all have great tips from so many here in the forum. I do HP 95% of the time, so if you come across any of my threads you will definitely see great advice from...
  6. Dawni

    Guide on hot process soap

    Most recent post regarding HP that I replied to has a lot of info, and additional links you might find informative 😊
  7. Dawni

    Whats the best way to store soaps for drying??

    Really? Today it's at 72% humidity, 95F temp. And today isn't one of the worst days.... We can go up to 90% in summers. But weather has been wonky here to. They've announced rainy season last month already - in previous years they announce that only around August o_O Best thing to do for heat +...
  8. Dawni

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I'm the one who does lotsa smacking n banging Mr. Zing... I know you missed me 😋
  9. Dawni

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Hallo everyone! Been missing you guys! But as usual, I've just been soooo busy with.. Well, life. Haha Not made soap 😔 But I did check inventory and had to dispose of a few kgs of my butters. The weather has been sucky here lately so that's a bummer. Money earned that's now money lost pfft...
  10. Dawni

    How to make hot process soap tops less crumbly?

    Flattered about being called expert and guru - I'm not (not yet at least lol) but thanks @DeeAnna and @Quilter99755 🥰 But yes, my experiences with HP are all over the forum. If you've not had time to look things up, here are some links (some aren't my threads) 😊...
  11. Dawni

    Making a soap with butterfly pea flower powder and purple sweet potato?

    I've seen a greyish kind of brown from purple potato in soap. It was HP. I don't know when she added the potatoes though sorry. Try it? Worst you'll get is nice lather hehehe
  12. Dawni

    Nobody wants to try shampoo bars unless they're free...

    Been using shampoo bars for almost 5yrs now. Vain is me, so here's me n my hair lol. It's even longer now. I never brush. My comb is my fingers. I don't use a hair dryer, don't rub with a towel either. Absolutely nothing else touches my hair other than a solid conditioner that I use from maybe...
  13. Dawni

    Will this affect anything ?

    That's what I used to do. Still do actually even if he's 4 now lol. Of course he naps less or none at all nowadays....... Is there any place at all he doesn't have access to? Maybe a sturdy top shelf? Medicine cabinet? On top of the book shelf? You can store any well-sealed ingredients there...
  14. Dawni

    Is this soap base organic ??

    The only organic (with the stamp lol) shea butter I'm aware of that for sure ships where you are is Baraka. Quite costly though, even here, compared to other suppliers. Not sure there. But they claim also to be community sourced and fair trade. Worth a look.
  15. Dawni

    Melting mango butter?

    I agree. I read in several places that if you can sustain very low heat for several minutes after it melts (range from 15-30 I've read lol) it does wonders for grainy-Ness. In all butters. I also pop them in the fridge immediately after pouring for about an hour and then let them set on the...