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    Is Castile ever not slimy?

    yes bastille is vegetable oils, I just put my combination of my best soap, I do not like the bastile cause people use a lot of CO in them :)
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    The Little Efficacious Gentleman

    We all missed you Gent :) Your kids are beautiful
  3. Dahila

    Hand Sanitizer

    Sanitizer should contain 665-705 of alcohol . Higher percentage evaporate too fast to kill any bacteria .
  4. Dahila

    Hand Sanitizer

    I had used zepimax and made a light gel. Gell is better because it stays longer on skin
  5. Dahila

    de-funk de pits

    no laundry soap is 0 superfat you do not want to have left fat on your clothes, and I do 33% lye solution. 38 is just too much it takes a long time to evaporate that water , I grate it when still warm leave some for laundry sticks and cure it for about 3 to 4 weeks
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    de-funk de pits

    I make a laundry soap 100% Coconut oil and use it as stain remover , It works awesome
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    de-funk de pits

    Gaisy Windy Point carries it
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    Australian soap making regulations

    For Canadian people, you must put the address of manufacturing place
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    Those pesky bath bombs

    It depens how much Slsa you add, I use 2 tbsp for 1400 grams of powder so no does not irritate, I have such difficult time with me eczema and I like to take a bath with bb and some of colloidal oatmeal, It calms the itching immediately . Very irritating is SLS, SLsa is something else
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    Those pesky bath bombs

    I do not use SLS I use Slsa and bioterge
  11. Dahila

    Fragrance Oils in Canada

    yeah I do not like it either you wait for the info and I get notification that is shipped and hours later I got my shipment. I do not think that I will order anything anymore, My market is locked and I think people will be scared to scared to come to it, even after reopening.
  12. Dahila

    Fragrance Oils in Canada

    If they are shipping orders from May 6 & 7 you order today and add 6 days so it would be May 20. It seems that they always take 6 days to ship at least it is for me as long as I remember.
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    What did YOU do today?

    I had made Hungarian gulash soup with dumplings and cleaned a bit then researched some information. Recolored the hair cause roots were terrible
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    Those pesky bath bombs

    Mine are hard like rock , I do not use any butter but Apricot Kernel oil in mine. 50/50 RA/Water
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    Pork Belly

    i did not say all doctors I said most , sorry it is my experience and not only from one country, The only good doctors I found it was in Spain but it was 30 years ago , now is different situation. Would like to change my mind and give me some examples of excellent doctors, real ones, who...