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    Bath Tea Bags

    I use these books a lot; this is the online index: Also, search Etsy for inspiration. I like adding milk powders and/or (colloidal) oatmeal.
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    Dutchies, where do you buy your soap supplies?
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    Pineapple soap

    Looks great and the stamp is so cute :smile:
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    Why are soapers so scared about DOS?

    Cause you can't sell an inferior product?
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    Honey in lip balms

    It's not oil soluble, so I think it would get gritty. There's more info on swiftcraftymonkey's blog.
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    Soap changes colour to purple!!!

    I'm not one to complain, but in this case, I would. They should have properly stated that instead of coming up with some completely bogus answer.
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    No superfat

    Could you explain why?
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    Best natural colorant for a gingerbread color

    :wink: It wasn't directed to anyone in particular Grayceworks; the use of spices was mentioned before.
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    :mrgreen: Wow, you could have totally fooled me with that. They look edible!
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    Tea Soap Receipe Needed.

    :-) Please do let us know, it sounds absolutely scrumptious.
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    Best natural colorant for a gingerbread color

    I second the honey. Be very, very careful with using spices in soap. Clove, cinnamon and nutmeg can cause skin irritation and rashes. I do use some sprinkled ground cinnamon to decorate the top of my pumpkin soap. But to really be used as a colorant, pigments and mica's are a much safer...
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    Testing fragrances (with pictures!)

    Sounds like a plan! For me, most of my vanilla containing fragrances work perfectly fine with their discoloration. The only exemption are some lightly scented kids soaps. When I'm working with several different fragrances, my nose just gets an overdose :-P Keeping a bowl of coffee beans or...
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    No superfat

    ;) I put the fragrance/essential oil(s) in my mold. That way, you'll never forget them again.
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    Goat milk question

    ;-) The fats in the milk are simply saponifying. "Goat milk butter fat" does not equal goats milk. If you want to be exact, you could determine the milk fat content and include that with your oils and butters. But like tryanything said, it's easier to just slightly lower your superfat or don't...